Zombie posters help brain surgery patients relax

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Sat Jun 15 01:38:02 EST 2002

CITY HOSPITAL-- Brain surgery is always an extremely serious procedure. 
It requires delicate precision, and there is a risk of loss of life. 
Operations can have varying probabilities of success, and that makes 
patients who require brain surgery very nervous.

But when patients notice the zombie movie posters around the operating 
rooms at the City Hospital, they're able to relax just a little before 
they go under the knife and have their skulls opened up, exposing their 

"When people are in our operating rooms, they feel vulnerable," said Dr. 
Louise Spencer, chief neurosurgeon. "They're a little distracted with the 
worries of their intracerebral hemorrhages, subdural hematomas, and 
cavernous angiomas. These zombie posters give them a little chuckle 
before we anesthetize them and remove the tops of their craniums. I think 
it puts them at ease."

The most popular poster is of Night Of The Living Dead, a movie about 
zombies, and their desire to consume the brains of the living. The 
operating room contains other zombie-related posters, including Day Of 
The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Return Of The Living Dead, and Return Of The 
Living Dead II.

"We thought about putting up a Hannibal poster," said Dr. Fletcher, 
"because people instantly the exposed brain scene. It's brain-related, 
but there are no zombies in the movie...unless you consider Ray Liotta's 

full story: http://www.thetoque.com/020611/brainsurgery.htm

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