Consciousness, New Thinking About

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Sat Jun 15 10:45:28 EST 2002

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> Hmmm... Maybe each of us is a different "instance" of the same conscious
> entity.  Nonetheless real both physically and mentally.  Unique,
> consciousness might result from "filtering" that single conscious entity
> through each unique physical entity.  This possibility raises the question
> of how each individual consciousness is able to interact with the single
> conscious entity.  In computing terms, can they update eachother's data?
> Sorry, I'm just pissing into the wind too.
> DJ

I like the shared consciousness view because it seems simpler, but does it
actually mean anything?
Myself and a colleague's pc are on the same central hard disk drive.
==equivalent to one consciousness- or does it?.
Butsince we have our own passwords, and sharing some server management
software,  we can't access each other's files or front-end software, so we
effectively have two independant systems, equating to two independant

So I'm not sure if a single consciousness.

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