The Need for Forgiveness and 'stones' being cast

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>~~"Who can cast the first stone?"

Jesus: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

and it was Jesus who cast the first 'stone'.

Being the only one Without Sin, He was the only one who could.

the 'stone' He cast was perceived as a Stone... an 'agent of destruction', a
'projectial' that shatters and destroys.

for this 'offense' He was Crucified.

that Humanity has 'perceived' Jesus as an 'agent of destruction' was not in
anything of Jesus.

'perception' happens within nervous systems.

the Problem inherent in the 'perception' was that 'humanity' was then, and
remains, "inverted" with respect to Love.

'humanity' remains closer to the animals than that which it is in-Humanity
to Be.

'humanity' has yet to 'cross-the-divide' that separates it from Becoming

we See such, plainly, in the way that 'humanity', 'blindly' and
automatically 'moves toward' Aggression, and the means to commit Aggression.

"We need more bombs."

"Tactical nuclear weapons are what we need."

"Increase the defense budget."

 "The Soviet Union is an evil empire."

 "American imperialism is at the forward edge of the war menace to mankind."

"The U. S. is the great Satan."

"Kill the infidels."

"Kill the savages."

"Lynch them."

"We'll strike first."

"No, we'll strike first."

"We'll strike first, too."

"We've got to keep this secret so we can use it to develop weapons systems."

"How can we let =that= out? Doing so will undermine our National Defense
[corporate purpose; credibility; vested interests]."

until Jesus "cast the first 'stone'", the 'litany' of Hatred marched,
Coldly, throughout every 'nook' and 'cranny' of 'human' History, the Hatred
=always= pointed-at 'not-self'. =always= 'moving toward' self. =always=
'moving away from' 'not-self'. =always= 'moving away from' 'other'.

one can See, in this awesome Historical Consistency, that 'humanity' has
'existed' in a 'state' that is Inverted [AoK, Ap, 5, 7, 8] with respect to

Lincoln intuited such:  "In our present differences is either party without
faith of being in the right?"

he, 'two' was Slain for his 'offense'.

Pope John-Paul II was shot by folks 'moving away from' his 'moving toward'

Presently, such recurs, but "the bullet is so slow".

the 'world' Hates ['moves away from'] stuff that draws it toward Inverting
with respect to the Hatred it 'loves' ['moves toward].

it Murders those who 'transgress' the 'status quo' that 'moves toward' Hate.

the 'stone' that Jesus cast upon the 'world' is Love.

He was Murdered for his 'offense'.

His ForeKnowledge that it would be so is right-there, in His oft-repeated
Admonitions to His Apostles, that they are "not in the world", that they'd
Accomplish Great Things, but that they, 'two', would be Murdered - that the
'world' would Hate['move away from'] them.

Jesus was expressing his Understanding of the fact that the 'world',
'humanity' remained Inverted with respect to Love.

anyone who only Looks, can easily-See that it's so.

it's =all= concisely-Stated in the Words Jesus spoke just before He Died,
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

and He wasn't 'kidding', neither with respect to Forgiveness, nor with
respect to "humanity's" Ignorance, and not, as is Expressed, Eloquently, in
Jesus' even-in-ForeKnowledge-Choice, with respect to the Need on behalf of
"humanity's" Becoming Humanity.

i cannot 'explain' it. i can only See that it's so be-cause =everything=
Jesus Said is right-there, plain-to-See, within our nervous systems.

even when this or that Jesus Said 'seems' to 'contradict that or this Jesus
Said, when one only Looks, one Sees that there's no 'Contradiction'; that
Jesus was only 'Herding' Humanity ['moving ['humanity'] toward'] "the narrow
gate" of Truth.

"The Good Shepherd."

Jesus came to 'humanity' to transform it into Humanity. to Initialize
"humanity's" Transition through the "Zone of Randomness" [ZoR; Aok, Ap4,
=literally=, "=the= narrow gate" to becomming Truly-Human].

it's simultaneously all 'just' Neuroscience, and Infinitely-More.

Jesus cast the first 'stone' ~~2000 years ago.

the 'stone' Jesus cast was Love.

He cast it, in-Deed, as an 'Agent of Destruction', at 'the beast', Abstract
Ignorance - at the absence of understanding of how, and why, nervous systems
process-information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems, that, nevertheless, do process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

Stepping into Evolutionary Dynamics, He was the 'Evolutionary Engineer,
Continuing His Work of =Creating= us, impregnating us, through His Giving us
Experience in His Transcendence, with the Stuff that would Carry us through
the ZoR.

"Why not just create humans already Inverted with respect to Hate, already
enabled on the Loving 'side' of the ZoR?"

the result would have, then, been Devoid of Free Will. unable to Choose,
unable to Learn. unable to follow the One-'Map' of Truth, be-cause, to do
so, one must be Free to 'move' in =any= of infinite directions.

i've Immense-Sorrow as i write this, because what's here is but a
'caricature' of Truth inherent, which, as far as i've been able to See in
these nearly 31 years of devoted-Looking-into-its-Depths, stretches-on,

but, here i am, "playing kick the 'stone'", right-at-'you'.

the 'stone' is Love.

'seeing' the 'stone' coming 'at-them', folks, all over the place,
'duck-and-cover', only to, nevertheless, be showered with the
'sweet-fragranced' Blossoming of their Becoming Truly-Human.

it's what Love Does.

'Move-Toward' Love.

"Be not afraid, I go before you, always."

and anyone who only Looks, can See that, Jesus, True to His Word,
Went-First, and, through Hid Word-become-flesh [biological mass] within
Human nervous systems, Going-First, still, 'shepherding' 'humanity' through
the 'narrow gate' of Truth.

"Be not afraid", the Infinitely-Larger Stuff is 'off-putting', but that's
'just' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - the old-long-since
merely-familiar circumstance - the remnant of "humanity's' 'existence',
Inverted with respect to Love; with respect to Loving.

Do the Neuroscience.

"you'll" See The-Rest through 'your' own 'Good-Eyes' stuff.

it's =all= in-there, right between your ears.

take a Look.

See for yourself.

k. p. collins

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