The Need for Forgiveness

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for those who have AoK [i'll send it to anyone else who wants it. msg
privately], and want to see the Neuroscience for themselves, use AoK as a
guide to the refs. cited in AoK. in particular, see the discussions of
"dynamic subordinate coupling", "inductive learning", and the
"passive-active [sensory-dominant-->motor-dominant] phase shift" [example:
be struck-->strike] in Ap5.

Transcendence of these 'blindly'-automated dynamics is discussed in AoK, Ap7
and 8. see, in particular, the "meta" phase shifts, development of
"prefrontal constellations". Transcendence of the 'blindly'-automated
dynamics entails strengthening of the meta-motor-dominant phase, and
enhancing endurance within the meta-sensory-dominant phase, of Volition, but
the stuff discussed in the rest of AoK is a prerequisite for success with
the "meta-phase stuff. [if 'you' don't understand what's going on at the
lower 'levels', and construct biological mass with respect to such, the
lower-'level' TD E/I 'triggers' before 'you' can work at the meta-phase

it's as Lincoln said: "... no good thing has been, or can be enjoyed by us,
without having first cost labor"

Jesus said, 'don't worry about getting paid for your work'<--"The workman is
worth his wage." think about what's in-there, from Jesus' perspective. it's,
simultaneously, a statement of Truth, and a Promise.

once again, it's all Neuroscience, so "Do not be 'afraid..." of
understanding it.

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message
>>take the Scandal in the [Roman] Catholic Church, for instance. this's
>stuff, needing
>>action, that's been known-about for decades, yet, only this spring does it
>>become 'News'. i expect that the 'timing' involves 'me', because, after
>>2001-09-11, i shifted into high-gear, offline, calling folks in
>>to task with respect to the way NDT's stuff has remained 'hidden'.
>and the Action that needs to be taken is Clearly-Pointed-To by Jesusl
>referring to Children ~~"Woe to those who lead any of those little ones
>astray." and "Those who are not with , are against."
>Clearly, any who 'move away from' Jesus' Admonition with respect to the
>Children, are not "with Jesus".
>Jesus also called folks to-task with respect to Forgiveness, so, those who
>'move toward' Jesus must hear this call, but, in-such, those who are with
>Jesus must by-in Jesus' Admonition with respect to the Children.
>With respect to Jesus' Admonition, there's more in-there than is
>superficially-obvious. =Anyone= who abuses Children commits an attack upon
>all of Humanity, be-cause, through what Humanity gives its Children, what
>Humanity will become is Determined.
>the "Woe to those" in Jesus' Admonition addresses this stuff to =all=
>everywhere, to whom Children are entrusted  the sense of it is that, if the
>Admonition is not embraced, the Children uncared-for, maturing to
>themselves, become the Agents of the ~~"Woe to those who lead any of those
>little ones astray."
>can 'you' see it?
>Jesus was, simultaneously, addressing the Unfathomable, and Deterministic
>fact inherent in the way nervous systems process-information.
>while Being what it Is, it's simultaneously all Neuroscience.
>how it's so is explained in AoK and the refs. cited in AoK.
>it's why, although it's 'difficult' to do so, i Acknowledge Jesus' Priority
>[with jaw-hanging-down at what's in the simple Ethical Necessity of it].
>it's 'just' Truth.
>Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right-back
>not, and not.
>which is =exactly= what Jesus said with respect to Loving the Children, and
>the Consequences inherent, either way.
>it applies across the whole spectrum of interactive group-size, from
>individuals, Families, institutional, including Government to national
>populations, and to all of Humanity.
>k. p. collins

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