The Need for Forgiveness and 'stones' being cast

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>"Why not just create humans already Inverted with respect to Hate, already
>enabled on the Loving 'side' of the ZoR?"
>the result would have, then, been Devoid of Free Will. unable to Choose,
>unable to Learn. unable to follow the One-'Map' of Truth, be-cause, to do
>so, one must be Free to 'move' in =any= of infinite directions.

with Love, there's =still= Infinite Choice, but Freedom is increased
tremendously be-cause, with Love, to the degree of Love, the stuff [energy]
that goes to waste in coercive interactive goes, instead, into enhanced
mutual endeavor.

"The truth shall set you free."

Truth about Truth.

the 'secret' that enables the Fundamental-Inversion, inherent, derives in
developing understanding ["meta-phase" biological mass; "prefrontal
constellations"; raising the threshold of the "volitional
diminishing-returns decision", all discussed in AoK, Ap7] with specific
respect to how and why nervous systems process-information, given
physically-real Existence within nervous systems, thereby gradually
transcending, replacing, eliminating, 'rejecting' ["unlearning"; AoK, Ap5;
"rendering useless", AoK, Ap8] Abstract Ignorance.

Love isn't 'wimp' stuff. it's not done out of 'fear'. it's done by Men and
Women Choosing to do the =Work= inherent in the development of
understanding. the more of such Work that's done, the easier doing the Work
becomes, be-cause, once meta-phase biological mass is developed, it exerts
information-processing inertia with respect to further increases in
=correlated= biological mass. [this's why, BTW, AoK's written in the
sequence in which it's written, which is =a= sequence that doesn't 'get the
cart before the horse', which minimizes the "rendering useless" that must be
endured during the development of the meta-phase biological mass, which is
important because biological mass is physically-real, inertia-imposing,
stuff. it's Work to un-do, that which 'moves away from' Truth re these
information-processing dynamics [which is the stuff of the "terrible
'times'" that i've 'whined' about re the first-development of the

(see discussion of the relatively-long 'time'-course inherent in volitional
information-processing dynamics. [but, if i were to rewrite AoK these days,
i'd restate things sans non-existent 'time', invoking only the energy-flow,
and the Work required to achieve the energy-flow, which is 'just' more
energy-flow :-)

anyway, remember?...

"people 'hate' because they 'fear'. and they 'fear' because they do not
understand. and they do not understand because [over the relatively-short
term] 'hating' requires less work than does understanding."

exercise: trace TD E/I through this "nutshell"-statement of high-'level'
Neuroscientific Duality Theory [NDT].

there's a 'blindly'-automated "False Finitization" [AoK, Ap4] inherent, that
Ignores the long-term fact of 'existence' in a relatively-high TD E/I local
minimum. [to see the graph, think of 'existence' within a volcano's crater.]

"The truth shall set you free."

it will lift 'you' up over the 'crater's edge, allowing traverse to the
experience of overall-minimized TD E/I.

the 'catch' is that, the more it's shared, the more useful the understanding
becomes. if it's not shared, the understanding tends to evoke 'moving away
from' during superficial encounters. [see AoK, Ap10; example: when i wrote
to the Palestinians the other day, i could only 'dance-around' the
Neuroscience, because, if i just went-into-it, they'd not've understood,
because they've probably not had access to AoK. so my discussion was
much-less useful than it could've been if the understanding had already been
shared. but, then, hopefully, the discussion would've been unnecessary.
which is the 'goal' of NDT.]

which, in my view, although He clearly Knew all about it, Jesus didn't
discuss the Neuroscience. 2000 years ago, long before the first glimmering
of the Scientific Method in Gallileo's nervous system,, no one would've

if anyone wants the solution to the 'exercise', please msg. it's pretty
straight-forward, but it's a useful first-check on one's understanding of
NDT' stuff.

k. p. collins


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