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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>for those who have AoK [i'll send it to anyone else who wants it. msg
>privately], and want to see the Neuroscience for themselves, use AoK as a
>guide to the refs. cited in AoK. in particular, see the discussions of
>"dynamic subordinate coupling", "inductive learning", and the
>"passive-active [sensory-dominant-->motor-dominant] phase shift" [example:
>be struck-->strike] in Ap5.

"Violence begets violence." [i don't know who said it first, but it's in why
Jesus said, ~~"Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile. And give 'em your
shirt, too."

look around. all over the globe population-wide TD E/I has been increasing
for decades. this's what i 'pleaded' about before i logged-off ~~three years

but, since, 2001-09-11, the population-wide relatively-high TD E/I is
crossing the threshold of the amygdala's 'low-'level' "supersystem
configuration mechanism" [AoK, Ap5] within the nervous systems of
individuals, then the "group cohesivness" dynamics discussed in AoK, Ap8
augment, including the development of interactive "inward spirals" [AoK,

on relatively-large scales there's been such in the Middle East, South Asia,
and on smaller scales, numerous incidents.

what's True within Families is True for groups of all sizes, right up to
Humanity as a whole. all these instances are related via inter-national TD
E/I-"induction" [AoK, Ap5].

here's an example from today's _New York Times_:

"Emergency Talks Planned Over Mounting Ulster Violence" By WARREN HOGE

quoting from the article:

"A spokesman for the Northern Ireland office said the two leaders had acted
after David Trimble, head of the Ulster Unionist Party and first minister of
the Northern Ireland Assembly, told them on Friday that the province and its
fragile peace accord were 'in crisis' and undergoing 'a catastrophic loss of

what's happening that each example of Aggression sets-up a "sensory
template" [AoK, Ap5] that, subsequently, enters into motor-phase TD

when the "passive-active phase shift" [AoK, Ap5] occurs, be-cause of the
topologically-inverse mappings of the sensory and motor distributions within
the one Internal Frame of Reference [IFR] Geometry, TD E/I-minimization
tends to converge upon the activation 'state' in the sensory template, but
with directionality 'reversed' [example: 'being struck' becomes 'striking'].

one can see these general dynamics happening all over the place. "inward
spirals" [AoK, Ap8] spreading through populations via our media bourn

the above is the how and why of it [of course, everything in AoK, and the
refs. cited in AoK, is required for 'full' understanding.]

the 'point', here, is that there's this contageous-Cost that's inherent in
=all= Aggression.

we see the Same-Stuff in the 'riots' that break out after Championship
sporting events go this way or that with respect to the elevated TD E/I that
builds within fan's nervous systems during the contests [of course one must
'interpolate' with respect to alcohol use, etc.]

we see the Same-Stuff anywhere we look, if only we Look.

it's another Reason to resort to Love, rather than Violence.

both are 'contageous'.

the former heals, and tends to induce further healing.

the latter Ravages, and tends to induce other Ravaging behavior.

"no contest."

Love is the Rational alternative.

what's more, the cost of Loving is reusable. Learn its stuff once, use it
over and over again.

but Violence Destroys everything that's put-into it. it's stuff has to be
reconstructed with each use... except for the Lives Slaughtered or Ravaged.
they're lost forever.

"no contest"

doing the Work inherent in Learning to Love - to develop biological mass
correlated with such - is the Rational thing.

Why not?

there's also another long-term dynamic that's 'come into play' [and which
was also a facter in my pre-logging-off 'pleading']. it is that, all across
the globe, the Children of the Families who Suffered WWII are, now, of
'leadership' age. it's another instance of "sensory templates", induced via
Groups [running the full spectrum of group-size], now serving to tune TD
E/I-minimization when the Offspring are at the peaks of their "active
[motor-dominant] phase nervous system function.

the 'Price' for WWII is still being Paid.

in the same way, WWII was the Price-Paid for WWI.

this Sorrowfull 'litany' procedes all the way back through 'human' History,
like some malevolent 'charge account'. Debts of Ancestors being handed-down,
inductively, inter-generationally.

stuff like the Enron debacle, etc., etc., etc., including Governmental
Fiscal-Irresponsibility, these days, is the Same-Stuff, only, in these
'business' cases, it's an inter-generationally-induced 'reverberation' of
the behavioral dynamics which precipitated the Great Depression, and its
antecedants, including the 'loosening' of in-Family-Learning dynamics that
accompany 'War' [be-cause Fathers are on the battlefield, away from their
Families, and TD E/I skyrockets in the nervous systems of those who 'remain
behind', mostly, the Mothers.]

the Children experience what we Adults 'Construct' in their experiential
environments. that experience impacts the Children's nervous systems as is
discussed in AoK.

such are the extremely-high Costs of 'moving away from' doing the
Reusable[!]  Work inherent in Learning to Love.

Irrational to incur such Costs, no?


k. p. collins


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