Gephryn HELP !

Matt Jones jonesmat at
Mon Jun 17 12:23:10 EST 2002

"Chief Designer" <chief.designer at> wrote in message news:<SPKO8.1641$sv5.102805 at>...
> I'm trying to gather information on Gephryn, and in particular anti-Gephryn
> autoimmune antibodies in a neurological context   Can anyone provide some
> information please ? Anything, as at present I'm finding very little.
> Thanks.
> Gant (London, England)


The proper spelling (gephyrin), coupled with a medline search, ought
to turn up quite a number of hits.

Try this one for starters:

Butler MH, Hayashi A, Ohkoshi N, Villmann C, Becker CM, Feng G, De
Camilli P, Solimena M.
Autoimmunity to gephyrin in Stiff-Man syndrome.
Neuron. 2000 May;26(2):307-12.

This is a good NLM search gateway:



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