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> In my model at least the information processing device is not the owner,
> owner is only one aspect of the information processing device. What the
> conscious I experiences is not what my brain experiences. These really are
> two different worlds of experience. Cojoined yes, but distinct.
> There doesn't have to a reason for the deception, it may simply be an
> inevitable byproduct of evolutionary processes giving rise to things that
> enhance survival. Whether or not these things are desirable by  our
> understanding is of no consequence to evolution. Brain structure seems
> that at times also, as if it is a somewhat cobbled together assemblage of
> modules that somehow gets the job done. It doesn't have to be the best
> it simply has to better than anything else around. Eg. Cross over effect
> the CNS, may have facilitated the earlier wiggilng movement of worms etc.
> The only reason it may exist is that is because where all vertebrate
> systems began ...

Hi John H.,

Felt fine reading your post!

You 'sound' as if how your view of these aspects of reality had been tuned
to my 'wave-length' [and vice versa, of course :-)]!

But then I assume that I am right to interprete your first paragraph (above)
as NOT at all an expression of a quasi religious mind-set à la Eccles.

Peter F.

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