Consciousness, New Thinking About

RoyBoy armageddon79 at
Tue Jun 18 03:28:24 EST 2002

John H. <John at overhere> wrote in message
> Hey Peter,
> Yes, not Eccles, though I read that work with great interest but at the
> of the day felt very disappointed. Eccles and Popper, two brilliant men,
> worked so hard to argue a case doomed to fail.
> Why does that happen so often in consciousness?

I think its because we are belief machines.

> Think of how Penrose and Hammeroff, both brilliant in
> their respective fields, stumbled so badly on their quantum effects at the
> microtubule level ... . How desperate we get in this game, which is one
> reason I enjoy your jester-evolutionary-dancing approach to the game.

How do you specifically know they have stumbled?

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