Consciousness, New Thinking About

RoyBoy armageddon79 at
Tue Jun 18 03:44:26 EST 2002

John H. <John at overhere> wrote in message
> No dualism at all, I'm simply saying that there is more than one way to be
> conscious of the world. What my brain perceives and what I perceive are
> two entirely different things. It all happens in the head, but I am not my
> brain, nor am I some ghost, I am just one means by which the brain
> 'responds' too the environment.

'I' agree. :')  Although environment is pretty broad...
could we narrow it down to social structures of
certain complexity?  Still difficult to nail down...
especially since 'I' could be as fleeting as a headache
for primitive self-awareness.

What seems to be key is language, however apes
accomplish the mirror test with little or no verbal language...
perhaps brain to body ratio...

> I find it interesting that in studying consciousness so many
> people look to the neocortex, yet massive damage to the neocortex, even
> prefrontals, will not abolish consciousness. However brainstem damage or
> thalamic damage can easily do that. The root of consciousness lies deep in
> the brain, not on the surface. This is one reason why I believe many
> have primal consciousness.

Are you sure you're talking about the same thing.
Meaning self-awareness vs consciousness...
self-awareness being linked to the neocortex and
more interesting to many who take consciousness
for granted in things with more primitive brains.

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