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Tue Jun 18 12:43:58 EST 2002

Suicide Bomber Hits Jerusalem Bus, Killing at Least 19. By JAMES BENNET and

i've seen it elsewhere, but, now, Sorrowfully-admit, that, with respect to
the Tragedy unfolding in the Middle East, i'd been been 'blinded' by the
merely-superficial stuff. by my own Prejudice.

the 'Conflict-in-the-Middle-East' is not that at all.

rather, the Tragedy that's unfolding 'in the Middle East' derives in
Third-Parties-Calculation-to-Manipulate stuff, across all of Humanity,
toward 'ends' which derive, solely, within their own nervous systems.

the third-parties have been working to 'take-advantage' of the fact that the
Tragedy they inflict, in this place or that, around the world, evokes
'Turmoil', which, further, instantiates 'Publicity' that, they 'calculate',
further, 'will-manipulate' more-powerful dynamics to their [the
third-partys'] own ends.

all that's happening is that these third-parties 'get-together' [communicate
amongst themselves]. out of this, there arises merely-'familiar' stuff
that's correlated with solely TD E/I(min) within the third-parties' nervous
systems, the existence of which derives, solely, in the fact of
relatively-exclusively-shared experience

then the meta-motor-dominant phase shift [AoK, Ap7] occurs, and 'locked-in',
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization takes over.

is there no way to communicate to these third-parties, that their only 'god'
is TD E/I-minimization?

suggestion to Journalists: in your reports, when possible, include coverage
of subjects' interactive-diversity-'quotient'. degree of interactive
diversity discloses the relative-size of the "continuua of familiarities"
[AoK, Ap4] in which interactors found the behavior that they manifest.
be-cause such Determines the 'scope' in which TD E/I-minimization can occur,
presenting such, Forthrightly, is a means to convey the Essence of the
subjects' 'motivations'. such'll communicate, to your Readers, Viewers,
Listeners, even without explicit invocation of "NDT's understanding".

Physically Abused Children Recognize the Face of Anger,By ERICA GOODE

i've discussed the underpinning neural dynamics in the past.
physically-abusive interactive dynamics lower the supersystem-wide TD
E/I-minimization threshold [AoK, Ap5] with respect to the full-spectrum of
that which constitutes the abusive-dynamics.

also, the Tragedy, inherent, tends, strongly, to be perpetuated,
inter-generationally, via inductive learning [AoK, Ap5].

which is some of why doung the Work inherent in coming to understand is
Worth-the-energy-costs, inherent.

k. p. collins

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