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Tue Jun 18 14:26:06 EST 2002

the 'Difficult' thing is that folks all over the place do the Same-Stuff.

it's the Same-Stuff that underpins 'financial scandals' [as is evidenced in
the pay-offs Enron's execs gave themselves [in the News this day]].

it's the Same-Stuff that underpins 'partisan politics'.

it's the Same-Stuff that enslaved Africans here in America.

it's the Same-Stuff that slaughtered the Native Americans.

it's the Same-Stuff that underpinned the 'Crusades'.

it's the Same-Stuff that recently brought Pakistan and India to the
'nuclear' Brink.

anywhere one looks, it's all the Same-Stuff.

it's why Seeing how all this Same-Stuff unfolds via 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization Eliminates the Problem - be-cause understanding of nervous
system function is stuff with respect to which folks all over the place can
become familiar... which Establishes common grounds for TD E/I-minimization.

the underlying Truth is that, assisting others in achieving TD
E/I-minimization simultaneously assists 'self' in achieving TD
E/I-minimization, because doing so Eliminates the inter-group-inflicted
Savagery that, throughout the course of History, has proven to be so
extremely-Costly with respect to =any= goal Humanity has set for itself.

Seeing through the 'lens' of TD E/I-minimization changes all of that.

TD E/I-minimization is that 'do-unto-others thing that you'd want
done-unto-yourself', despite whatever it is that's superficially correlated.

you see?

it's not 'pie-in-the-sky' stuff.

it matters.

k. p. collins
Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Suicide Bomber Hits Jerusalem Bus, Killing at Least 19. By JAMES BENNET and
>i've seen it elsewhere, but, now, Sorrowfully-admit, that, with respect to
>the Tragedy unfolding in the Middle East, i'd been been 'blinded' by the
>merely-superficial stuff. by my own Prejudice.
>the 'Conflict-in-the-Middle-East' is not that at all.
>rather, the Tragedy that's unfolding 'in the Middle East' derives in
>Third-Parties-Calculation-to-Manipulate stuff, across all of Humanity,
>toward 'ends' which derive, solely, within their own nervous systems.
>the third-parties have been working to 'take-advantage' of the fact that
>Tragedy they inflict, in this place or that, around the world, evokes
>'Turmoil', which, further, instantiates 'Publicity' that, they 'calculate',
>further, 'will-manipulate' more-powerful dynamics to their [the
>third-partys'] own ends.
>all that's happening is that these third-parties 'get-together'
>amongst themselves]. out of this, there arises merely-'familiar' stuff
>that's correlated with solely TD E/I(min) within the third-parties' nervous
>systems, the existence of which derives, solely, in the fact of
>relatively-exclusively-shared experience
>then the meta-motor-dominant phase shift [AoK, Ap7] occurs, and
>'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization takes over.
>is there no way to communicate to these third-parties, that their only
>is TD E/I-minimization?
>suggestion to Journalists: in your reports, when possible, include coverage
>of subjects' interactive-diversity-'quotient'. degree of interactive
>diversity discloses the relative-size of the "continuua of familiarities"
>[AoK, Ap4] in which interactors found the behavior that they manifest.
>be-cause such Determines the 'scope' in which TD E/I-minimization can
>presenting such, Forthrightly, is a means to convey the Essence of the
>subjects' 'motivations'. such'll communicate, to your Readers, Viewers,
>Listeners, even without explicit invocation of "NDT's understanding".
>Physically Abused Children Recognize the Face of Anger,By ERICA GOODE
>i've discussed the underpinning neural dynamics in the past.
>physically-abusive interactive dynamics lower the supersystem-wide TD
>E/I-minimization threshold [AoK, Ap5] with respect to the full-spectrum of
>that which constitutes the abusive-dynamics.
>also, the Tragedy, inherent, tends, strongly, to be perpetuated,
>inter-generationally, via inductive learning [AoK, Ap5].
>which is some of why doung the Work inherent in coming to understand is
>Worth-the-energy-costs, inherent.
>k. p. collins

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