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Tue Jun 18 16:07:07 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>the 'Difficult' thing is that folks all over the place do the Same-Stuff.
>anywhere one looks, it's all the Same-Stuff.
>TD E/I-minimization is that 'do-unto-others thing that you'd want
>done-unto-yourself', despite whatever it is that's superficially

here are a couple of cases-in-point

Support of Mate's Goals a Key to Happy Marriage
Tue Jun 18, 1:32 PM ET
By Charnicia E. Huggins

cause-and-effect exists in the TD E/I-minimization dynamics, inherent.

British PM's Wife Slammed for Suicide Bomb Comments
Tue Jun 18, 2:03 PM ET
By Dominic Evans

quoting from the article:

"Speaking hours after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 19 Israelis on a
Jerusalem bus, she told reporters: 'As long as young people feel they have
got no hope but to blow themselves up, you are never going to make

i Agree with the Prime Minister's Wife. Clearly, she wasn't 'condoning',
'excusing', etc., the Killing. she was 'just', Courageously, stating Truth.

what's sadly-'hilarious', though, is that there's a guy in the article
accusing her of ~~"seeking political advantage".

Forgive me, please, Sir. she was stating Truth. it was you who was currying
political advantage [while 'moving away from' Truth].

it does no good to 'bury heads in the sand'.

Truth does what it does, regardless.

that's why it's always to-greatest-benefit to 'move toward' Truth, via the
shortest path.

which is what the Prime Minister's Wife was doing, graciously.

also, check out the example of Husband-and-Wife, caring for mutual TD

now, if only Nations could do everything that's entailed in this example of
Husband-and-Wife stuff.

k. p. collins


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