Consciousness, New Thinking About

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Tue Jun 18 17:25:59 EST 2002

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> I like the idea of being part of a Universal mind but I am not sure
> exactly what that means.

The idea of a Universal Mind appears at first glance to simplify things by
downscaling from 'numerous  individual consciousnesses' to 'one single
But the "two pcs on the same server" analogy that I described earlier  shows
it can  mean "Two
totally independent consciousnesses connected to the same central device"

Which means it doesn't simplify things at all, but simply adds a new
It makes no difference whether myself and my buddy share  central server
software or not. Our pcs are independent of each other.
The concept of a Central Hub, or a Universal Mind or a "Universal
consciousness in which we all have a share"  doesn't add anything.

...I think!!


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