In the News with Analysis

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Wed Jun 19 20:47:53 EST 2002

Hi, James, if you've not followed my other posts, i understand that it's
probably not clear to you what i'm doing.

i'm doing an analysis of =any= Tragic interactive dynamics on the basis of
nervous system function. it's=all= Neuroscience, all appropriate for
bionet.neuroscience, all stuff upon which the Survival of Humanity depends,
and unavailable anywhere else on the face of the planet.

so i'll continue.

Cheers back, k. p. collins [ken]

James Teo wrote in message <3d0fd746.65189988 at>...
>While I am an avid follower of international news particularly in the
>Middle East, I don't think your threads are on-topic. I already get
>most of your news from other newsgroups I subscribe to as well as the
>news websites I visit. I don't think another newsgroup torn apart by
>Israel vs. Palestine or Americans vs. Rest of the world is a good
>PS. I am not trying to muzzle your right to post whatever you want, I
>am just giving you feedback.

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