In the News with Analysis

James Teo james at
Wed Jun 19 21:06:35 EST 2002

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:47:53 GMT, "Kenneth Collins"
<k.p.collins at> wrote:

>Hi, James, if you've not followed my other posts, i understand that it's
>probably not clear to you what i'm doing.
>i'm doing an analysis of =any= Tragic interactive dynamics on the basis of
>nervous system function. it's=all= Neuroscience, all appropriate for
>bionet.neuroscience, all stuff upon which the Survival of Humanity depends,
>and unavailable anywhere else on the face of the planet.
>so i'll continue.

No problem. Had a look at your posts again and realised you did try to
tie it in, although I still find it impossible to read as I can't
understand what you getting at.

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