In the News with Analysis

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Wed Jun 19 22:18:06 EST 2002

thanks for your patience, James, it's a =long= story. i've been working on
the problem for nearly 31 years. been discussing it online since 1988. since
i cannot reiterate everything in every msg i post, i write for folks who've
been following the discussion all along, of course, hoping to reach others
who happen upon this or that portion of the discussion.

Cheers, ken

James Teo wrote in message <3d1137f6.55796811 at>...
>On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:47:53 GMT, "Kenneth Collins"
><k.p.collins at> wrote:
>>Hi, James, if you've not followed my other posts, i understand that it's
>>probably not clear to you what i'm doing.
>>i'm doing an analysis of =any= Tragic interactive dynamics on the basis of
>>nervous system function. it's=all= Neuroscience, all appropriate for
>>bionet.neuroscience, all stuff upon which the Survival of Humanity
>>and unavailable anywhere else on the face of the planet.
>>so i'll continue.
>No problem. Had a look at your posts again and realised you did try to
>tie it in, although I still find it impossible to read as I can't
>understand what you getting at.

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