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"TD E/U", below, should've been "TD E/I". sorry.

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>White House Condemns Bombings but Says Peace Must Be Pursued, By DAVID
>there are a few things that must be kept in the forefront of folks'
>1. interactive dynamics've entered the "zone of randomness" [ZoR; AoK,
>this isn't a "place". it's a range within a Maths fx in which TD E/I begins
>heading rapidly [increasingly-accelerating] toward infinity [or
>'complete-randomness']. the strong tendency, however, is for the amygdalar
>low-'level' supersystem-configuration mechanism [AoK, Ap5] to 'take over
>control' of the supersystem, 'ejecting' behavioral dynamics from the ZoR
>with force commensurate to the magnitude of the TD E/I that exists when the
>low-'level' supersystem configuration occurs. [again, it's all discussed in
>AoK, Ap5, and the refs cited in AoK.]
>2. these dynamics are reflected in current events in the Middle East:
>TD E/I(up, up)-->Murder(up)
>TD E/I(up, up)-->Wall(up)
>TD E/I(up, up)-->Occupation(up)
>3. the route to Peace Exists in =not= 'moving away from' the
>behavioral-correlates of Peace =despite= Awareness of Existing within the
>ZoR. such Awareness includes awareness of the fact that the TD E/I(up, up)
>is a =Necessary= correlate of the =Necessary= 'passage' through the ZoR.
>the ZoR isn't anything 'scary'. as is explained in AoK, it's =just= what's
>=always= encountered when one traverses one's "continuum of relative
>familiarities" from 'familiar' to 'unfamiliar' experiential circumstances.
>=everything= in-there is 'just' one's nervous system doing that which
>evolutionary dynamics've 'engineered' into-it so that such transitions
>be 'blindly'-automated, and 'handled' in a probabilistic' fashion.
>but, Look-and-See, when folks understand the underpinning neural dynamics,
>all the 'blind'-automation, all the 'guesswork', disappears, and what, when

>'blindly'-automated, was, in-fact, 'probabilistic, is transformed into
>Deterministic Certainty.
>the 'trick' is to get the understanding of the underpinning neural dynamics
>'set-up', in the form of physically-real "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5]
>the nervous systems of =all= the folks who are involved in this or that
>unfolding TD E/I(up, up) circumstance.
>to catch a first glimpse into it, take a piece of paper [a piece for
>and draw a line down the center.
>on the left, list stuff like Murder, Suicide, Killing, Destruction,
>Devastation, Broken Families, Living-in-Fear, No-Jobs,
>Wasted-Financial-Resources, and, the interminable internal experience of TD
>E/U(up), itself.
>on the right, list stuff like Peace, Social-Harmony, Mutual-Respect,
>Your-Children-Playing-Sans-Fear, You-Too-Sans-Fear,
>Maximized-Job-Opportunities, and, the long-term internal experience of TD
>E/U(down), itself.
>it's Deterministic, not because there won't be Jackasses, whose nervous
>systems remain 'blindly'-automated with respect to TD E/I-minimization, and
>who will by 'blindly'-and-automatically forcefully-ejected from the ZoR.
>such'll happen. such'll happen, increasingly, the deeper into the ZoR
>interactive dynamics carry host nervous systems.

I am Wrong in using the term "Jackasses". should've used "folks". I

Determinism: don't get 'hung-up'. The Determinism derives in there being
=one= 'map' of Truth. 'move toward' Truth, and receive Truth's benefits. not
and not.

but, even though there's one 'map' of Truth, folks can still Choose to move
in any of infinite directions with respect to Truth. in other words, Despite
the Determinism, there's still Free Will. it's 'just' that
benefits/consequences follow as a function of the degree to which Truth is
Honored [and this derives in WDB2T].

but don't get 'hung-up' on it. the fact that there are =always= at least
short-term [TD E/I(up)] Consequences with respect to Truth is what i was
discussing in the prior post. the thing to understand is that, because the
way that nervous systems process-information is not comprehended, the
short-term TD E/I(up) 'deters' folks from attaining long-term TD E/I(down). a 'blindly'-automated way that Murders, Devastates, Ravages, Destroys.

Abstract Ignorance is Terribly-Expensive.

why allow it to exact its Toll?

why allow it to suck the Life out of Humanity?

why allow our Children to develop into yet more of its Victims?


because the understanding is unfamiliar?

because acquiring the understanding is too much work?

because 'you' like 'the way things are supposed to be'?

'you' like the Murdering, Devastatation, Ravaging, Destroying?

come on!

do the work of understanding, rather than the work of Murdering,
Devastatation, Ravaging, Destroying.


k. p. collins

>it's Deterministic be-cause the understanding of how and why nervous
>process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization =REMOVES=
>the 'blindness', allowing folks to See, Clearly, and found their behavioral
>Choices in, the relative merits of behavioral alternatives, and their
>inherent Consequences.
>it's no 'contest'.
>Resolution to endure short-term very-high TD E/I, beats having to endure
>interminable high-TD E/I.
>the former is the 'narrow gate' through which True-Peace is Attainable.
>the latter only allows =forced= 'peace', in which the 'seeds of its own
>Destruction are 'blindly'-and-automatically sown.
>Of course, Courage is a prerequisite of the former.
>and, of course, the former is facilitated to the degree that folks involved
>actually understand how nervous systems process-information.
>but _Hope Floats_, and, if there're two people, one on each 'side' of the
>Tragic interactive dynamics, who carry the understanding, they can, in
>behavior Give the understanding to others, and it can spread throughout the
>nervous systems of those involved, lifting-up each one.
>what's more, there's Joy in-it, be-cause the biological 'reward mechanisms'
>will be activated.
>it's 'just' that, since, folks exist on a continuum where understanding how
>and why nervous systems process-information remains 'unfamiliar',
>transitioning to such understanding, necessarily, entails passage through
>the ZoR, and "Inversion" [AoK, Ap4] to a 'state' of understanding in which
>such understanding is the relatively-familiar thing. [see, also, the
>discussion of the "volitional diminishing-returns decision" in Ap7, and
>"rendering-useless" in Ap8. and, since there's so much of
>'accusing-'god'-of-somehow-'Dictating' the Tragic interactive dynamics
>that're unfolding, note well, understanding how nervous systems does =not=,
>somehow, 'cast-G-d-out'. the understanding is =just= Science. same as any
>and all Science. Tool-stuff, to be used to the benefit of Humanity.
>G-d is Truth. understanding Truth, with respect to this or that, =can-only=
>draw one's self that much closer to G-d.
>"be not afraid", but please, do-endure passage through the ZoR, so that, in
>your Courage, you Give all people, everywhere, Example of how to go about
>Ending Humanity's 'blindly'-automated Destroying-of-Itself.
>Godspeed, Mr. President, all Israelis, all Palestinians [all people,
>k. p. collins

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