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> and, as soon as the ability to 'learn' gets engineered in-there,
> experiential dynamics, which are also rigorously-governed by WDB2T, become
> an integral 'part' of evolutionary dynamics.

I'd be damnded if this integration is not precisely what my Explanatory
Platform Terminology and employement of philosophically prerequisit types of
Tolerance Principled thinking, reflects.

> but, you folks who're discussing 'Consciousness' have to take a few steps
> back, and resolve the False-Finitizations [AoK, Ap4] inherent in the
> prevailing view of evolutionary dynamics before you can, then, actually
> discuss 'Consciousness'.

I don't know what you are referring to, but a contemplation of conciousness
on the basis of evolution theory sure goes towards completing (is an
important complement - NOT compliment!!! - on the way to forming) an EPT
position of 'omniscientific' opinion, and a *very fertile* (positively
uniquely unifying and unflinchingly uncovering) understanding, on this and
other aspects of what and how it is that we are, and get/got to be 'this
way' (so to speak).

In a letter to the editor of Scientific American I once read something like
(or to the effect of):- Surely, a worried [i.e. generally primed to a highly
poised perceptivity of anything worthy of flight or a fight] creature would
prevail, in the struggle for survival, over an unconscious automaton, almost
every time".

Something I intuitively could not agree with more.

But aside from flight or fight Nature of demands the ability to selectively
freeze (at least as often as a general freeze) or, IOW, a "selectively
Hibernatory" self-regulatory strategy.

Ability to learn, combined with "selective Hibernation imploring type
situations" (i.e., the "SHITS" subset/subtype "adversity type evolutionary
tends to leave a corresponding residue of insidiously co-motivating "CURSES
type" memories [or pronounced almost equally well from an abbreviation of
"conditioned-in, chronically kept Hibernated, hence Unconsciously Remembered
stressors, effecting symptoms]; one symptom of which is "selective
UNCONSCIOUSNESS"; and - since SHITS come CURSES are often naturally
"life-situationally paired" with various "opportunity type evolutionary
pressures" - the inevitable evolutionary result is phylogenetic tendency
towards AEVASIVE phenotypes (the by far most AEVASIVE of which happens to be
the phenotypal characteristics of our own species).

["AEVASIVE" might stand for 'Ambi-advantageously' Evolved Vital (often)
'Actention' Selection, Involving (amongst much else) Various Endoopiates.]


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