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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Thu Jun 20 12:52:42 EST 2002

Glen M. Sizemore wrote in message <3d11cb34$1_6 at>...
>KC: it's=all= Neuroscience, all appropriate for bionet.neuroscience, all
>stuff upon which the Survival of Humanity depends, and unavailable anywhere
>else on the face of the planet.
>GS: If you think the solution to world problems is "in the brain" you are a
>bigger moron than you appear to be (wait.....that's not possible). To alter
>ourselves in ways conducive to the survival of our culture and species is a
>matter of arranging environments and this is behavioral science, not
>neurobiology. Neurobiology will not contribute one iota to solutions for
>massive problems that face us.

ho, ho, ho,

Behavioral Science is Neuroscience. even in the realm of the Supernatural.
One cannot experience a Miracle if it does not, in some way, impact the
physically-real stuff of one's nervous system.

if you 'disagree', please give me any example that you propose as a

"arranging environments"

Same-Stuff. Gains it's relevancy through the 'lens' of the nervous system,
in exactly the way i've been describing.

if you 'disagree', please give me any example that you propose as a

k. p. collins


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