Consciousness, New Thinking About

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> Then I am unclear as to what you _mean_ when you write that 'you'
> (meaning sentience) are just one means by which the brain 'responds'
> to the environment.
> To perceive usually means to be conscious. So I would have to read
> the above that the brain is conscious (it perceives) and 'you' (whoever
> that is) is also conscious???
> To me the evidence so far is that consciousness is a brain process
> not a thing.
There is evidence that consciousness is a function of - or dependent on -
brain processes.  There is no evidence that consciousness is fully defined
by - or dependent on nothing other than - the brain.  But it's the easiest
solution and so most people in the neurological community are sticking to
it.  If they prod and poke at the the brain and get a predictable response
then what else can they believe other than that the whole story is
encapsulated within the brain?  It's a bit like how we used to believe that
the sun rotated around the earth each day because we had no evidence to the
contrary.  Reproducible, predictable.

I wouldn't necessarily say that the brain *is* conscious.  It's a safer bet
to say that it gives rise to consciousness.  i.e. Let's not get ahead of
ourselves with any looney ideas.  It's possible that the brain is receptive
to external "information" (other than that provided by the 5 senses).
Information that is a pre-requisite for consciousness.


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