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cut-and-paste Error CORRECTED:

"[Palestinians: "See, I told you the Israelis are [such & such that's negative [that 'moves away from] ':-)'" Israelis: "See, I told you the Palestinians are [such & such that's negative [that 'moves away from] ':-)'"]"
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    New York Times: Cabinet in Israel Endorses Seizure of the West Bank, By JOHN KIFNER

    quoting from the article: "'We have to do a more thorough job of clearing out areas of terrorism,' a Defense Ministry spokesman, Yarden Vatikai, said today, adding that Israel would 'act more intensively, more deeply.'"

    the problem, here, is that they're treating circumstances on the ground as if they're 'static', when, in-fact, they are dynamic. the goal of eliminating those who will attack, spawns more who will attack. [clarification below]

    quoting from the article: "In what appeared to be an increasingly desperate effort to remain relevant, Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader, granted an unusual interview to Haaretz, the leading Israeli paper, in which he declared that he was now ready to accept the peace proposal offered by President Bill Clinton, which he had rejected at the failed Camp David summit meeting nearly two years ago."

    first, this's not an indication of 'desperateness'. it is, in fact, 'just' the opposite, but to see such requires that the underlying nervous system dynamics be comprehended.

    looking at only the nervous system dynamics, this is an example of the dynamics inherent in the "curved-path to understanding". when the offer was originally on the table [in an Act of Awesome-Coruage on the part of Mr. Barak], Palestinian nervous systems existed in a 'state' of very-high TD E/I, and, upon receiving the offer back then, they "inverted" with respect to it be-cause of it's inherent unfamiliarity [think about what a Genuine offer of Peace being unfamiliar means], and were thrust out of the "Zone of Randomness" [ZoR; AoK, Ap4]. TD E/I-minimization, including various "volitional" 'probes' [AoK, Ap7], ensued, yielding a behavioral traverse upon a "curved path", to these statements by Mr. Arafat, which constitute "Inversion" [AoK, Ap4] with respect to the former "supersystem configurations" of Palestinian-Leadership's nervous systems. the Palestinian Leadership has done the work inherent in becoming familiar with the stuff that was, formerly, unfamiliar.

    what's of =extreme= importance, here, is to note how, in absence of understanding of how nervous systems process-information, the Palestinian's high-TD E/I 'contagion" spread to Israeli nervous systems, inducing [AoK, Ap5], within them, a 'trip' down an anologously "curved behavioral path". the pinacle of what's important to see is how the two groups of nervous systems are 'out-of-sync' with respect to the =one= goal of achieving Peace. when the Israeli Leadership was ready, the Palestinian Leadership was in a 'thrust-outta-there-by-high-TD E/I' condition. now, when the Palestinian Leadership is ready, the Israeli Leadership is in a 'thrust-outta-there-by-high-TD E/I' condition. each group's behavior determining the other group's behavior, yielding group-wise 'simple-harmonic-motion' that's sustained by the 'independent' efforts directed at stopping it. [Sorrowfully, in the Middle East [and many other places], there's a 'means-spiritedness' in which it's the old, long-familiar stuff, that determines things. folks tend to give only-superficial 'attention'] to the unfamiliar stuff inherent in the goal of =actually= achieving Peace. when one looks upon such, one can See that there's a mean-spirited 'joy' inherent. such derives in the self-fulfilled 'confirmation' of long-established 'world-view'. [Palestinians: "See, I told you the Israelis are [such & such that's negative [that 'moves away from] ':-)'" Israelis: "See, I told you the Israelis are [such & such that's negative [that 'moves away from] ':-)'"]

    the main thing that sustains the group-wise 'periodic motion' is the =alternating= absence of high-'level' cognition. this is an example of [alternating] relatively-low-'level', 'blindly'-automated, TD E/I-minimization dynamics determining interactive by-products. see AoK, Ap7. when one group exists, primarily, within one "meta" phase, the other group exists within the other "meta" phase - perfectly-out-of-sync.

    quoting from the article: "In the interview, Mr. Arafat accused 'foreign' elements of exploiting hopeless young Palestinians to commit suicide bombings in exchange for money."

    3rd parties will seek to 'take-advantage'. the solution, here, is simple, if arduous. it is that coming to understand the manner in which nervous systems process-information imbues nervous systems with 'self-containment' that permits one to remain within the high-'level' realm of Volitional-Cognition, rather than being 'steered' by 3rd-party stuff. [while doing so, however, it's useful [Necessary, when the 3rd parties resort to Killing] to expose that which the 3rd parties' 'move toward', and to juxtapose such with respect to Truth.]

    this 'self-containment' is of extreme-importance because the steadiness ["behavioral consistency"; AoK, Ap8] that derives in-it allows other nervous systems the opportunity to minimize irrelevant TD E/I, which, further, allows all nervous systems involved to gradually 'sync-up', rather than thrash wildly past one another under the Dictates of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization dynamics. 'sync-ing-up' doesn't mean 'agreeing'. it means what's discussed in AoK, Ap7. constructing of "prefrontal constellations" that, depending upon "meta pahse", incorporate "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] that 'lifts-nervous-system-dynamics-up-above' lower-'level' supersystem convergence upon "False Finitizations" [AoK, Ap], allowing long-term convergence upon mutually-beneficial stuff. [such is much-more than "compromise". "compromise" is nothing but 'laziness', codified, and is a =source= of all the long-term problems, rather than a 'solution' to anything. [see the discussion of the "volitional diminishing-returns decision", AoK, Ap7]]

    understanding how nervous systems process-information eliminates the 'blindness', permitting that which needs-to-be-done to be Seen ['cognitively', in the form of "prefrontal constellations" that are TD E/I-minimized with explicit-respect to what needs to be done], so it can, then, be approached =directly=, rather than via hoplessly-curved [continually-diverging] paths that only augment inter-group interactive-divergence [AoK, Ap8], via their mutual-induction of augmenting-TD E/I.

    such optimization within the 'meta'-phases of nervous system function is the Essence-of-Courage.

    Mr. Barak achieved such years ago. Now, Mr. Arafat has.

    Sadly, in each instance, Courage has been met by absence-of-Courage.

    returning to the New York Times article, quoting from it: "'But unfortunately, while the I.D.F. is carrying out these necessary actions, the operations themselves become a hothouse that produces more and more new suicide bombers. The military actions kindle the frustration, hatred and despair and are the incubator for the terror to come. The religious and political environment immediately exploits this effect and dispatches the new suicide bombers, and the pattern is repeated.' [Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer]"

    more Courage, stated-plainly. will anyone else Recognize it?

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    Fri Jun 21, 8:09 PM ET By Mark Heinrich

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    Peace Exists in-Truth.

    'Move-Toward' Truth, find Peace.

    'move-away-from' Truth, find Absence-of-Peace.

    it's Deterministic, but only in the =one= direction.

    folks're exploring the other directions.

    there're =infinite= such other directions.

    degree of 'randomness' of 'movement within' this infinity exposes the fact that Truth is being Actively-'moved away from'.

    here's an example of what happens when Truth is 'moved away from':

    Reuters: Suspect Escapes Jail, Is Eaten by Crocodile Fri Jun 21,10:32 AM ET

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