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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>New York Times: The New Suicide Bombers: Larger and More Varied Pool, By
>the "Larger and More Varied Pool" of folks that this article describes, and
>it's analog within the Citizenry of Israel, constitute a single,
>direct-measure of elevated [and augmenting] population-wide TD E/I.
>such tends-strongly to come-up-against the threshold of the "volitional
>diminishing-returns decision" [AoK, Ap7].
>the route-to-safety is discussed in AoK, Ap7 & 8.
>safety does =not= exist in "meta"-'level' "Inversion", but in Seeing that
>the elevated TD E/I can, and will, empower folks' nervous systems to
>'climb-obstacles' that've, formerly, blocked progress toward Peace... iff
>[if and only if] the high-TD E/I condition is not 'moved away from' in
>attempts to 'avoid' its inherent 'discomfort'.

Sorry, the above isn't stated properly. if one successfully traverses one's
continuum of relative familiarities [AoK, Ap4] from familiar 'hatred' to
unfamiliar Love, then one will've passed through the "zone of randomness"
[ZoR; AoK, Ap4], and, iff one endures such passage, one =will= have
"inverted" [AoK, Ap4] re. the stuff of the particular 'sub'-continuum, or

so, safety =does= exist in this "meta" inversion, which is actually what the
whole msg is about.

i was 'thinking' with respect to the volitional diminishing-returns decision
threshold [AoK, Ap7], but, incorrectly, referred, in writing, to the
dynamics of "inversion". safety does =not= exist in caving-in under the
'weight' of the ["meta"-'level'] "volitional diminishing-returns decision"
threshold. safety exists in doing the work inherent in raising the
threshold, which is a prerequisite of successfully traversing the ZoR,
inverting from 'hate' to Love in the process. if the V D-r threshold isn't
raised, one's nervous system will thrust behavioral dynamics out of the ZoR
=without= one's completing passage through the ZoR. [to see the curve, and
the necessary 'jump' from one affective alignment to the other, plot any odd
negative-power function y=1/kx^(2m-1), where k is a power coefficient, and m
is integer. but remember, this simple visualization tool is replaced by the
"Information Calculus" stuff that's presented in AoK, Ap6.]

>'steel' yourselves with respect to achieving the Loving-Thing, and draw
>behavior to-it, little-by-little, working, always, to present Invitation to
>folks 'on the other side of the line' to do the same.
>See your Future as you Hope it to be.
>See the Needs of your Children.
>See the Needs of the Children 'on the other side of the line'.
>ask yourselves what can be done to breath Life into what you See.
>then, don't 'worry' about being-'awkward'.
>doing that which is unfamiliar is =always inherently-'awkward'.
>hold your heads up when your own folks, all around you, 'ridicule' the
>haltingly-awkward 'steps' you take, but, after double-checking that they
>in-fact, lead in the direction of Love [in the direction that leads to what
>you want for your Children] take them, anyway.
>don't 'worry' about the 'anxiety' within.
>the folks 'on the other side of the line' experience the Same-Stuff, too.
>=Honor= each other, across the 'line' that 'divides' your populations.
>=Respect= one another.
>because, the 'intensity' you experience is the Same-Stuff as the
>that folks 'on the other side of the line' experience.
>Peace is a Courageous undertaking.
>Respect that.
>Honor yourselves.
>Honor the folks 'on the other side of the line'.
>Know that doing the unfamiliar thing is =Hard=.
>Celebrate each small-'step' in the doing as the Triumph it is.
>it's been Abstract Ignorance that's been the =only= thing that's been
>thrusting your populations out from within-the-realm-of-Hope.
>Remove Abstract Ignorance.
>that's what your brilliantly-capable nervous systems do, if only you do not
>'move away from' the "meta"-phase elevated TD E/I.
>this, too, is automated, but doing it is an act of Will, and it's through
>it's unfolding at the 'level' of Volitional-nervous-system function that
>doing-it imbues you with Seeing-Clearly Stuff. [that is, although it's
>automated, all of its stuff is 'visible'. endure, and everything becomes
>but you've got to stay-on, allowing the 'intensity' to exist within.
>'move away from', and you Choose to not reach your Hope.
>and remember, all 'aggression' constitutes such 'moving away from' [AoK,
>Ap8], because it's 'goal' is the elimination of the internal 'intensity'
>retention of that which is merely-familiar, rather than migrating to the
>merely-unfamiliar stuff in which your Hope Exists.
>it's jaw-hanging that such 'wispy' stuff has been the Determinant, while
>you've looked-upon the Slaughter in your midsts, 'on both sides of the
>line', but such is Truth.

i've misled in stating the above. part of the Problem is that the stuff has
been 'perceived' as 'being-wispy', but that's an only-superficial
'perception'. the stuff derives it's Determining-power from its correlated
"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] which, because it's so culturally-fundamental,
is extremely-familiar, and, thus, extremely-well-TD E/I-minimized, and,
therefore, Huge.

my point was actually with respect to the stuff's being 'merely'-familiar,
yet, simultaneously, the stuff-that-Slaughters.

doesn't compute, except in terms of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

[i mean no offense. just the opposite. surely there is a way to Honor G-D
=without Killing 'in-G-od's-Name, and that's what i'm Encouraging folks to
seek-and-find. my prior discussions re the =one= Intrenal Frame of Reference
Geometry that all Human nervous systems share, applies, as does the
fact-for-Believers that, Profession-of-Belief puts one in disagreement with
G-d, because Killing because 'one doesn't like' how another's nervous system
processes information constitutes a Striking-Out at G-d, who, it is,
simultaneously, Professed-to-be-Believed, Created the =one= design for Human
nervous systems.

instead of Killing, come to understand how differing environmental
conditions drive the one, shared, nervous system design, differentially.

then, allow this understanding to empower work to remove that which drives
the one, shared, nervous system design Discordantly.

again, this doesn't mean that everyone has to become a 'uni-clone'. it's
just the opposite of such. the transformation is all at the "meta"-'level',
from 'hate' to Love, simultaneously for Brother and Sister Humans, =and=

rather than 'delimiting' Choice, such breathes Life into Free Will, be-cause
it lifts folks up above all the Tragic-Waste inherent in 'hatred', and,
simultaneously, Frees folks to move in directions that were formerly
'prohibited' to them because doing so would get them Killed.

one Prerequisite remains: Love. absence-of-such 'slams-the-door-shut', and
passage through the ZoR becomes,
commensurate-to-the-absence-of-Love-Difficult, or, through Choice
['consensus', 'convention', 'tradition'], 'impossible'.

with the Courage to Love, all that was, formerly, Wasted can, upon
successfully completing passage through the ZoR, be, instead, put-into

the resulting-Difference is =Huge=, and, to the degree of Completeness
inherent, Beneficial.

it's the Stuff-of-Hope.

it's as Lincoln said: "... no good thing has been, or can be enjoyed by us,
without having first cost labor."

the Work done in gaining passage through the ZoR is the Cost of Realizing

[i realized, while going over my prior post, that the "zone of randomness"
is also the "zone of Hope", it's 'where' =all= 'Growth' happens, and the
"inversions" that occur within-it fall along a continuum of magnitude, from
infinitely-small [in the realm of ionic 'charge'] to infinitely-large
[always out-of-reach-but-'beckoning'.]

so, "be not afraid..." of passage through the "zone of randomness". it's
where all Hope Lives.

i stand on the rest of what what i've posted.

k. p. collins

>Honor each other for Doing the Truly-Difficult thing.
>find your way through Dispair.
>find your way through Fear.
>don't 'move away from'.
>Honor each other.
>Respect each other.
>talk to each other, while knowing it's Difficult.
>respect the 'awkwardness', inherent, for what it =is= - indication that
>there's Striving toward that which has not been done, but which must be
>that's all the 'awkwardness' means.
>don't 'belittle' one-another with respect to such.
>do 'just' the opposite.
>as that which is unfamiliar becomes familiar, through your Courageous
>experiencing of it, the 'akwardness' disappears, your 'step' becomes
>increasingly-strong, and your Hopes go from 'glimering' to
>Concrete-Existence, right before your 'eyes', through your Choice, through
>Action founded in your Choice.
>Choose Love.
>carry the Needs of your Children in your 'Hearts', =always=. let such be
>your Guide.
>ask yourselves:
>"How will this [that's being proposed] impact my Children's futures?"
>"How will this [that's being proposed] impact the Children's futures 'on
>other side of the line?"
>when you want to 'give-up', think about what 'giving-up' will mean for the
>Children, on =both= sides of the 'line'.
>you'll Know you're going to make-it when you find in your 'hearts' that you
>cannot 'give-up', =not= on your own behalves, but be-cause you see that
>Children's futures exist, or not, in the stuff of your Choice.
>this Child, and everything the Child could be, and all that the Child could
>do, all the benefit that the Child could bring to folks, on both sides of
>the 'line', will be =LOST= if you cannot endure the simple, but arduous,
>transition from familiar Hatred to unfamiliar Love, Respect,
>and why not do such?
>after all, that which is in-you, and that which is in the one on the other
>side of the 'line' is =exactly= the Same-Stuff.
>your 'fear' is the other's 'fear'.
>your 'Hope' is the other's 'Hope'.
>your Love for your Children is the other's Love for their Children.
>don't 'move away from' 'just' because it's unfamiliar.
>do the Work inherent in transforming that which is unfamiliar into that
>which is familiar.
>don't 'give-up'.
>G-d made all of us Better-than-that.
>k. p. collins

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