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Here's an example of Love:

New York Times: Critics Say Regents English Tests Push Immigrants to Drop

where's the Love?

it's in the Educators' Seeing into the 'heart' of the matter that they

language is acquired as a function of experience, most-often, within a
culture in which the language is in common usage.

Children who migrate from one culture to another 'run into a wall', the
substance of which derives in their being unfamiliar with the 'rulesets' of
the culture into which they migrate, one such 'rule'-set, of course,
pertaining to language useage.

language is a 'toolset' that's invoked during one's going about one's daily
affairs [an interface with the Hugely-larger underpinning nervous system
information-processing dynamics].

but, for Children who immigrate, the language 'toolbox' is only
sparsely-populated, if at all,  with 'tools' that are familiar to the
mojority of folks within the culture that's been migrated into. of course,
having already done all the Work inherent in acquiring them, the Children
have fully-capable language 'toolsets'. it's just that their language
'tools' are 'engineered' to work within different cultures.

so what does Love do?

Love looks-deeper than the superficialities inherent - all the way down to
the underpinning nervous system dynamics.

Love Sees that there's no 'magic' in-there.

Love Sees that there's "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] in-there, and that it
can only be constructed via experience that's explicitly-correlated with

Love Sees that this biological mass is 'mismatched' with the language
ruleset of the ambient cultural-environment.

Love Sees that there's no grounds for any self-righteousness in-there, no
grounds for any looking-down-your-nose-ness.

Love stands against such.

Love Sees that, if the Children are to Prosper, then the Children must be
guided through the Difficulty of acquiring an unfamiliar language 'toolset',
which is, nevertheless, 'appropriate' [see AoK] within the
cultural-environment into which the Children have migrated.

Love Sees the Wisdom in rendering such guidance on behalf of the Children,
because Love Sees that the success of Society derives-in, and
accumulates-commensurately-with, the Successes, and Absence-of-Successes, of
=every= Child.

Love Sees that it's all Simple-Arithmetic Stuff.

so, Love gets to Work, which is what these Educators in New York are Doing.

it's like this all the 'time' with Love [vs. 'love', which is
spattered-about as a thin 'veil' 'disguising' all sorts of efforts which
seek-'advantage' for one's self and, sometimes, one's relatively-close
associates [Enron-Executive-'love'; 'stock-market'-manipulator's 'love',
etc.]. such isn't Love. such is 'just' calculated-seeking-of-advantage with
specific respect to one's self. =BIG= Difference.

Love Honors Truth.

Love Honors Justice.

Love 'intuits' that which binds-together all Human-Beings, everywhere, and
'moves toward' such.

Love isn't 'troubled' by 'difference', because Love intuits that behavioral
propensities derive in that which is actually experienced.

if there's something amiss in-there, Love sees that, rather than 'attacking'
individuals, the thing that needs to be done is to address the stuff in
which the behavioral-'expectations'  'mismatch' derives.

the New York Educators Looked, with Courageous-Love, and found within their
'hearts' the Strength to do the Difficult thing: point-out the shortcomings
of 'the system', and not allow such to be foisted-off upon the Innocents.

that's what Love does.

a further bit of Work, for these Educators who Love, is to do the Work
inherent in Teaching the Children how and why it is that they [the Children]
must do the 'extra' Work inherent in gaining facility with the language
'toolset' that's widely used within the culture into which the Children have
migrated. [Sadly, NDT's understanding, which is Useful in this regard,
remains, largely, uncommunicated.]

Love doesn't just 'point-fingers', Love 'goes the whole nine yards',
standing-with those who Suffer that [the TD E/I(up)] which derives in their
experience having rendered this or that to be relatively-unfamiliar.

Love does the Work inherent, instead of acting on False Finitizations [AoK,
Ap4] that hold-to-be-'true' stuff like, "anyone who doesn't speak this
language is 'inferior', and should, 'therefore', be subjected to 'ridicule',
and 'ostracized'".

without knowing them explicitly, Love intuits the underpinning nervous
system dynamics.

despite the superficial 'differences', Love Sees that it's all the

Love Sees that, when this or that points to Work that Needs to be done, it's
for Love to Do-the-Work, inherent. no excuses. no begging-off. no


Love does unto others as it would have others to do unto it.

Love Prizes TD E/I-minimization for itself, Seeing , simultaneously, that
all folks, everywhere Prize TD E/I-minimization for themselves.

Love Sees that it's =ALL= the Same-Stuff.

Love Sees that the TD E/I-minimization that it wants for itself is the
Essence-in-which-Peace-Derives, and that Peace is attained to the degree
that, when, in Striving to achieve TD E/I-minimization for one's self, one
simultaneously Strives to achieve TD E/I-minimization for all folks,

Love Sees the Wisdom, inherent.

Love Sees that superficial 'differences' are innocuous.

Love Sees that the Problem, in which all Sorrowful-Tragedy Derives, is not
the 'existence' of superficial 'differences', but the way in which folks
tend, strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically 'move away from' that which
is, by-dint-of-experience merely-familiar Superficial stuff, as if it's
"everything", when, in-fact, if it's experiential-correlate stuff is
factored-out, it's =NOTHING= at all.

Love Sees that which binds Humanity Together, rather than that which,
"supposedly", rents Humanity apart.

Love Sees the How and Why of it.

Love 'moves toward' Greater-Love.

'rolling-up-its-sleeves', Love does the Work inherent in Loving-more.

Love Sees that all else Derives in-such 'moving toward' Greater-Love.

Love 'moves toward' Truth, increasingly, which is the Essence-of-Love.
[think about it.]

which is what these New York Educators have Chosen to Do.


you know, all the 'squeamishness' with which Profession-of-Love is,
typically, met, has nothing at all to do with Love, not even the
'romantic'-kind. it, instead, derives in a 'cloaking' of recognition of
Truth, inherent, that's [literally, although most-often, 'blindly' and
automatically] calculated to 'excuse' one from having to do the
physically-real Work inherent in Loving [in 'moving toward']. all such
'moving way from' doing the Work inherent in Loving is, simultaneously,
'moving away from' Truth, and can be, plainly, Seen for what it is - the
stuff of "humanity's" Inhumanity to Humanity. the stuff in which =ALL=
self-inflicted Tragedy and Suffering Derive.

Love isn't 'wimpy' stuff.

Love is 'just'-the-opposite Stuff.

Love Honors, and 'moves toward' Truth.

Love sees that it's Hope is the =Same-Stuff= as everyone else's Hope.

without explicitly-realizing such, Love intuits the underpinning TD
E/I-minimization dynamics, and Recognizes that the way to 'move toward'
Greater Love is in doing the Work inherent in assisting others to achieve TD

Love ~~"does unto others as it would have others to do unti it".

Seeing it all through the 'lens' of TD E/I-minimization lifts-folks-up out
of the morass of 'blindly'-automated, mutually-destructive 'recrimination',
making the Work, inherent, Do-Able.

Love 'rolls its sleeves up', and Does that which Needs to Be-Done, even
though doing so is often Hard.

Love isn't 'wimpy' stuff.

Love is 'just'-the-opposite Stuff.

TD E/I(down) to you and yours.

k. p. collins

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