NEURON vs GENESIS - Opinions, please?

Richard S. Norman rnorman at
Mon Jun 24 07:44:56 EST 2002

On 24 Jun 2002 03:06:29 -0700, mats_trash at (mat) wrote:

>> Not that anyone cares, but I've decided on GENESIS.
>I was also wondering whether to opt for genesis or neuron.  Certainly
>Neuron seems to have been used in more publications, but almost all
>seem to be studies of single neurones rather than networks which I
>would be more interested in.  As a side-project I'm currently learning
>Fortran and (attempting) to program my own simulator, which hopefully
>should give me much greater control and also slim down the software so
>that it runs faster.
>Why did you decide on Genesis?
>How have your initial 'experiments' gone?

An awful lot of work has gone into developing projects
like Neuron and Genesis.  It might be fun to try to do your
own simulator, but you will spend an incredible amount of
time before you even reach the level of these programs, 
let alone surpass them.

So build your own for fun or as a learning tool.  Don't do it
if you have "real" work to do!

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