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Neural Network 'Near-Death Experiences'

Brian P. bdplikaytis at nspmbellsouth.net
Mon Jun 24 18:46:26 EST 2002

Another source you might wish to consult is the book, The Physics of
Immortality by Frank J. Tipler. His ending thesis is not unlike the theories
you propose here.

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"Arthur T. Murray" <uj797 at victoria.tc.ca> wrote in message
news:3d177e4e at news.victoria.tc.ca...
> matt at advancedatatools.com (Matt Lesko) wrote on 24 Jun 2002:
> >Hello, I have been searching for information trained neural networks
> >that 'relive' their early memories while 'dying' (that is, certain
> >connections being severed). This comes from an experiment done by S.
> >L. Thaler, and is referenced in Scientific American, May 1993 by
> >Phillip Yam ("Daisy, Daisy: Do Computers Have Near-Death
> >Experiences?").
> http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/rejuve.html avoids neural-net death.
> >
> >I would dearly like to see the original article, or better yet, any
> >sort of evidence, for or against, this activity. Putting Thaler's name
> >into google gives  little help, not only has he apparently passed away
> >(although contradicted by another site), most of the links go to the
> >rather outlandish Imagination Engines Inc.
> >
> >After doing a good bit of research, the only other lead sI have for
> >this subject is a paper by Thaler in 'Neural Networks' Vol 8, No 1
> >(1995) pgs 55-65 titled: "Virtual Input" Phenomena Within the Death of
> >a Simple Pattern Associator. Unfortunately, the college library that I
> >access to does not stock that particular journal. A post in
> >comp.ai.neural-nets from 1994 mentions "4-2-4 Encoder Death, S.L.
> >Thaler in 1993 World Congress on NN, Portland,
> >Oregon, July 11-15, p. 180-183." but I can't find where I would be
> >able to find this (online or in real-life).
> >
> >Anyone have any other information they could provide me with? I
> >expected to find at least one bit of follow-up research to Thaler's
> >initial work. More research could certainly make a bit of interesting
> >paper, or at least something to talk about with your friends when
> >really high ;)
> >
> >TIA for any help. -- Matt Lesko

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