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Love Sees that the Problem, in which all Sorrowful-Tragedy Derives, is not the 'existence' of superficial 'differences', but the way in which folks tend, strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically 'move away from' that which is, by-dint-of-experience merely-[un]familiar Superficial stuff, as if it's "everything", when, in-fact, if it's experiential-correlate stuff is factored-out, it's =NOTHING= at all.

Jesus said the same when His Disciples were 'busted' for eating without, first, washing their hands, and, again, when His Disciples were 'busted' for picking and eating grain on the Sabbath, and, again, when He was 'busted' for eating with Sinners.

when one looks, one sees that it's, pretty much what Jesus was always saying.

do not read anything culturally-'recriminating' into this.

the Same-Stuff would've unfolded regardless of the culture in which Jesus walked.

the Same-Stuff happens, =still=, no matter where one looks.

K. P. Collins

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