NEURON vs GENESIS - Opinions, please?

mat mats_trash at
Wed Jun 26 12:01:08 EST 2002

Yes I realise a great deal of work and development has gone into
neuron and genesis by many parties, but as Matt noted, most papers
utilise custom written software that only runs that specific
simulation and small variations thereon, rather than the catchall of
neuron/genesis (e.g. Traub et al., Edelman).  Neuron and Genesis are
undeniably huge and complex, but how much of the program does any one
user make use of?

Also I think it would be useful to try and do the coding, may even
give me greater understanding (!)

Was thinking of using Matlab to analyse the data from the simulator
(another way of saving on the amount I have to write compared to
Neuron/Genesis which include custom analysis/graphic tools), is it
relatively simple to integrate with other programs does anyone know? 
I've read of the ability to compile Matlab analysis and graphing
routines into standalone programs, has anyone any experience of this?

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