taking a forced-'break'

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jun 26 17:39:22 EST 2002

hi, folks, in case anyone's 'wondering', i'm not going online during the day
because the street in front of my Father's house is being repaved. they're
using a big compacting 'steam'-roller. shakes the whole house so
energetically that, if i used my PC it'd be in danger of
vibrational-overload (mechanical 'TD E/I(up, up) :-). ~~4.5 on the Richter
Scale :-) so i'm staying-off-it.

i tried to correct my typo early Monday, but had to 'bail-out' to save my
HD. it was funny. both the grader and compactor were working in the same 200
feet of road, one having to sit idle while the other worked. so i decided to
weed the garden. while i was weeding the compactor was off. [a few weeks
back, i planted the potatoes that Dad had saved from his last growing
season's garden. they were struggling to live in the bucket where they were
in Dad's cellar. so i co-operated in their struggle. Dad would get a kick
out of that.] tried to get back online, but the compactor started again,
through three such 'cycles'.

it's funny. i've got a front-wheel-drive car, and the edge of the driveway
is, now, so steep that my wheels spin when i try to ease it in :-) got to
ease it in because the bottom of my car scrapes during ingress & egress.

i called the City Engineers, and they said they'd take care of it.

they're having a hard time in the 120 feet in front of Dad's house. they've
been working out-there for two days, and will, obviously, be back tomorrow,
so it'll be a while before i get back into a routine of posting discussions.
it's a 'quirk'. if i don't keep my head in-it, my 'heart' 'looks-elsewhere',
rather than waste-the-energy, and all that i'd, otherwise, do gets

so i whatched _Life Is Beautiful_ today. purchased it years, but couldn't
watch it 'cause Dad would only watch old War and Cowboy movies :-). had to
turn it off just when it turned 'Heart'-breaking. [right when the
protagonist's Love had Decided to get-on-the-train'.] the 'beast' was out in
the street again, ~~ 3pm, , shakin' everything up, and i didn't want to risk
an electromechanical device that i can't afford to replace.

got back to it, at ~~4:30pm.


although he was superficially 'humorless', Dad did the same for us -
unceasingly-calling-us-to-task, in the 'same' way, never letting us

it still takes-my-breath-away when something i touch opens-my-'heart'

it's 'funny' that 'life' is so needlessly so much like War.

Dad Knew that. he Learned it the-hard-way, didn't ask us, just made sure we
all were capable with respect to such.

what a Father does, despite the Costs.

Thanks, Dad, Love ken.

[and, if anyone 'wonders', i share such because =you= are my Friends, and i
just need to do what one does with Friends. i hope i do not 'offend', but
i'm like Dad, and just do what needs to be done.]

k. p. collins [ken]

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