GOGAR angenent at
Fri Jun 28 08:22:44 EST 2002

I think i just discovered that i have synesthesia, and i'm quite shocked
that nobody else feels the way i do about letters and words..  but the more
people i talk to about this, the more it becomes clear that i have a unique
But anyways.. i'm not really concerned with it because i've always been

Although i do recall some strange things from my childhood that i haven't
seen documented anywhere..   so i'm wondering if there are any other people
with the same experience.. or if it could be explained.

When i used to lie in bed ready to go to sleep, just waiting for me to fall
asleep..  occasionally i would get "Zapped"    as if i received a single
electric shock..  i would see a flash of colored patterns  and hear a
sound..   and i would be more awake again..  very irritating actually..

I remember 1 person in high school saying he had the same..  but i have no
contact with him anymore

Maybe some of you know what this could be.

Thanks in advance,

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