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the necessary 'adjustment' to the content of the article is that, in the
main,  the incorrect decision gained its existence in actions of 3rd
Pparties, surrounding the President.

President Bush is, like his Father before him, a good man whose 'heart' is,
mostly, in the right 'place', but he places a premium on surrounding himself
with 'experts', and those 'experts' are more concerned with promulgating
their merely-familiar stuff than they are with actually Thinking. the other
thing is that there's also a premium on administrative 'feel-good' stuff,
and the Problem with that is that it's Impossible to make it through the ZoR
if there's a premium on 'feel-good' stuff.

you can See, plain-as-day, several  examples of the ZoR-always-correlated
behavioral dynamics if you view the PBS video that i referenced in a msg
earlier today. the easiest example is in Mr' Barak's Courageous endeavor. as
the 'moment'-of-Truth approached, the interactive dynamics Mr. Barak, his
advisors, and their Palestinian counterparts, experienced the TD E/I(up, up)
that =always= accompanies passage through the ZoR ["zone of randomness";
AoK, Ap4].

such transpires, Deterministically, be-cause, on approaching that which is
relatively-unfamiliar, the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms cannot accomplish
all the TD E/I-minimization Work that's entailed. they are 'overwhelmed',
and, as they are 'overwhelmed', one-by-one, the dominance-thresholds of
increasingly-lower-'level' TD E/I-minimization mechanisms are crossed, and
one-after-the-other, they take over control of the supersystem, with
high-'level' 'cognition' increasingly-diminishing, and behavioral
by-products becoming increasingly-stereotypical, and
increasingly-'blindly'-automated, with increasing 'power' ['force'-fulness]
that rigorously, and directly, 'reflects' overall TD E/I.

absent "NDT's understanding", when this inwardly-spiralling [AoK, Ap8] cycle
becomes established, it's 'two'-late for resort to 'cognition' be-cause
'cognition' evolves only over a 'time'-course that's 'longer' than are the
increasingly-diminishing 'time'-courses [TD E/I-minimization 'periods'] of
behaviorally-generated interactive dynamics. [one can See, plain-as-day,
=all= of this stuff unfolding in the PBS video. i encourage folks to not
miss the encore broadcasts of theis installment of _Frontline_. there're
several examples in which the underpinning nervous-system dynamics are also
flat-out Visible. 'extra-credit' exercise: analyze Mr. Sharon's Temple Mount
visit in the same way, reducing all that's inherent, including, of course,
the whole interactive-population involved [both Palestinian and Israeli] to
its underpinning nervous-system dynamics. want more? do the same with
respect to Mr. Netanyhu's electoral dynamics. it's all the Same-Stuff.]

anyway, it's be-cause of all of this that it's important that construction
of the biological mass [AoK, Ap5] correlated to NDT's understanding [the
correlated "prefrontal constellations"; AoK, Ap7] occurs =before=
opportunity for passage through the ZoR arises within interactive dynamics.

that's why i've been 'jumping-up-and-down', 'obnoxiously', here, and in
other online 'places', in 'your' electronice presence for more than a
decade, and, before that, 'jumping-up-and-down', begging, in letters, at
conferences, on the teliphone, in-person, in Court, with Law Makers, in
papers, etc. for ~~25 years.

the problem, inherent, is briefly discussed in AoK, Ap10. NDT's
understanding is inherently-unfamiliar stuff. encountering it induces
'movement toward' the ZoR, which activates, Deterministically, all the stuff
that's outlined above, and which has been explicated, sufficiently, in AoK
and it's antecedant papers, since 1980.

so, See?

with respect to the interactive dynamics in question, no one can be 'hard'
on President Bush, nor on anyone else that's involved, either in the Bush
Administration, or on either 'side' in the Middle East.

all we can do is =FORGIVE ourselves =our-own= Ignorance, =FORGIVE= others
their Ignorance, and get-on with replacing the Ignorance with the Verified
understanding that can, and will, carry 'humanity' through the ZoR to it's
Becoming Humanity, at-last.

i wrote AoK's Epilogue as a short-reminder thing that folks can tack up on
their walls, and turn-to when things threatn to induce them to 'move away
from' Hope.


if the premium is on 'feeling-good', doing that which Needs to be done is
rendered 'Impossible', be-cause ZoR stuff is inherently-discomfitting.

so, if i were to advise the President, i'd advise him with respect to this
one thing.

value folks who Honor-Truth, even though Truth often seems 'Hard'. it's
=Good= to See Truth. the 'Hard'-ness is 'just' an Illusion. You =want= to
See Truth, not the Illusion of 'feeling-good' that derives, solely, in the
interactive dynamics that have become established within your

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right-back.

here's Truth: it's long been obvious that there're some who've undertaken to
ab-use NDT's understanding, to usurp it, to manipulate it, to 'seek-profits'
thrugh it, to do anything with respect to it except what needs to be done
with respect to it.

the work of these folks must be overcome. invoke AoK's Epilogue stuff,
forget about them, and get-on with that which needs to be done.

k. p. collins

k. p. collins

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The Guardian: "George W's bloody folly"

Bush's fantasy Middle East plan is bound to fail. It will strengthen those
who want war, not peace

Jonathan Freedland
Wednesday June 26, 2002,10551,744013,00.html

the Analysis is Brilliant, but needs one 'adjustment'.

k. p. collins

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