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Fri Jun 28 15:23:01 EST 2002

what happens is that, when this or that within neural dynamics becomes
'imbalanced', stuff that'd, otherwise, unfold 'gracefully', can unfold
abruptly, the result being that the 'abruptness' instantiates a condition
that probagates within the neural network when it, 'normally' would not
because it's 'normally' gracefully-integrated.

for those who've AoK, this, too, is 'just' TD E/I. back when i was bringing
the understanding together, i routinely pushed-beyond my 'normal' limits [in
just about every way. couldn't afford to eat properly, couldn't afford to
pay the rent, which forced me to go without 'normal' sleep, so i could
finish this or that before starving, being forced out of my digs, etc.], and
all sorts of 'interesting' stuff resulted. initially, it was 'scary'
[big-time ZoR-passage correlates], but there was the obvious correlate to
'pushing-Hard'. so i explored it, and it became clear that all that was
happening was that my nervous system was 'crashing', ungracefully, through
what're 'normally' gracefully-unfolding neural dynamics.

all it is are neural-activation gradients, and all that's correlated,
'normally' gental, having built-up to 'abnormal' 'concentrations', the
result being that, once one 'relents', behaviorally, everything 'goes-down'
the 'concentration' gradients all the more rapidly.

just like a ride on an internal 4-Dimensional-'rollercoaster',
temporarily-extant, obviously, as a result of the
correlated-in-the-energy-flow ['time'] 'abnormally'-large
experiential-'pushing' [which derives in the stuff discussed in AoK, Ap7
[but everything prior to Ap7 is necessary for complete understanding].

once it's understood, it's no big-deal-stuff. it's old-long-since that i've
developed prefrontal constellations that access even this 'abstract' stuff,
smoothing it all out. ant that's when productivity sky-rockets. "The truth
shall set you free." it's True :-)

understanding makes "the sky the limit".

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>if it doesn't happen every time you do this or that, it's more-likely a
>correlate of 'a stressful day', during which this or that 'normal' neural
>dynamics were relatively-overtaxed [sleep deprivation, experiential
>'trauma', etc.] , or at threshold, within a period during which
>nutrient-intake has been 'abnormal' with respect to your particular neural
>if it doesn't happen every time, or with relative-regularity, 'worry'
>about it only to eliminate the 'over-taxing' stuff. [it's fun resolving
>correlates, and your insights while exploring them can contribute to the
>body of understanding, so there's Worth in-it, too.]
>Cheers, k. p. collins [ken]
>GOGAR wrote in message ...
>>I think i just discovered that i have synesthesia, and i'm quite shocked
>>that nobody else feels the way i do about letters and words..  but the
>>people i talk to about this, the more it becomes clear that i have a
>>But anyways.. i'm not really concerned with it because i've always been
>>Although i do recall some strange things from my childhood that i haven't
>>seen documented anywhere..   so i'm wondering if there are any other
>>with the same experience.. or if it could be explained.
>>When i used to lie in bed ready to go to sleep, just waiting for me to
>>asleep..  occasionally i would get "Zapped"    as if i received a single
>>electric shock..  i would see a flash of colored patterns  and hear a
>>sound..   and i would be more awake again..  very irritating actually..
>>I remember 1 person in high school saying he had the same..  but i have no
>>contact with him anymore
>>Maybe some of you know what this could be.
>>Thanks in advance,

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