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Your references all have a place into the vast and varied background of
scientifically established indications to what consciousness might be.

I personally can only perceive simple or sweeping patterns out of it all.
Partly because these patterns
(pictures, principles, etc., forming 'a proximity to 'truth') combine and
present themselves as if 'in layers of explanatory relevance', I have found
I need
special "lenses" (or concEPTual grasping tools) to keep these patterns in
(and in order to at will retrieve and place them into) 'mind's-eye focus'.
And, since it inevitably is a somewhat fuzzy focus, the entire endevour
needs to be matched by a Tolerance Principled (in my case, in addition a
logical') intellectual attitude.

Here is *partly* how (part of the extent to which) I understand

Sitting on the shoulder of, whilst siphoning off methanephorical insights
from, our communal "~S.E.P.T.I.C~ tank" (so to speak),
I extract and elevate - out of this accumulated "background" mentioned above
[i.e., by
science Established, Principles, Theories, interpretations, concepts (etc.),
and any other such "informational matters"] - the traditional textbook fact
interpretation of the "energizing" role of the "reticular
activating system" component (permitting me to use the expression "reticular
activating type [RAT]
neurons" ;-) ) within brains evolved as up till now or at any evolved stage
in their phylogenetic past.

Then I take special note of and make use
of Alexander Luria's sophisticated scientific-minded insight/interpretation
of the role of
the directly corresponding neural system component category of "nonspecific"
fibres [of ditto type neurons] and that he states (to the meaning of) that
these fibres form a well researched reciprocal 'neuropsychophysioanatomical'
relationship with specific fibres (of ditto type neurons).

Then I take note
of another science based interpretation (by various authors) - that of a
modularity within the "functural"
(~more functional than structural) organization of brains;

At the same time I recognize the adaptive importance (in perspective of our
phylogeny, and therein, the by our
sometimes crucially and decisively genetically/phenotypically altered
ancestors met environmental/evolutionary "challenges" - more commonly
referred to as "selective pressures") of not just the
brain, or even the entire nervous system, but the entire "brainbodily"
system of complex adaptive functionality.

And I also consider and examine any complementary mainstream scientific
understandings/analyses of or pertaining to attention, habituation and
repression (~= "habituation on steroids"), various examples of selective
awareness and, hence, of selective unconsciousness.

Out of all this and more, I came to unifyingly and simplifyingly think of
consciousness as transient hierarchical modular state of spatiotemporally
dominant brain energy-matter states most centrally and instrumentally
generated by RAT neurons - RAT neurons as part of *actention* modules.

The word "actention" is born of action + attention.

By the way, especially O'Regan's and Noë's "Sensorimotor Contingencies"
(aprox.) interpretation of consciousness, is aligned with my own concept of
"actention modules" and their environmentally cheered-on and booed
competition within each our individual "Actention Selection System".


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