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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Jun 29 01:45:00 EST 2002

"incorrect decision"?


because it was made without [full] recourse to NDT's understanding.

with NDT's understanding, the 'animosity', on =both= 'sides of the
exceedingly-Tragic Middle East dynamics, in all of its nuances and
ramifications, becomes comprehensible in terms of its underpinning neural

and, when this happens, the 'door' swings open to new choices that allow
movement toward' mutually-constructive goals.

for instance, shortening-reaction 'times' can be recognized for what they
are, and choices made which assist counterparts with respect to that
internal stuff, instead of allowing the existence of the shortening-reaction
'times' to function as "Dictator" of 'blindly'-automated behavioral

there's no 'magic' in-it. the Work inherent in acquiring the understanding
must be done.

and it's Hard to do that when folks're blowing themselves up, Killing
others, along with themselves, and when destruction is, otherwise, flying
through the air.

but you see, the Existence of this temporarily-augmented Difficulty does
not, somehow, alter Truth, and it doesn't, somehow, 'cancel' my Obligation
to Truth.

nor my Obligation to the folks, on both 'sides', who are Suffering under the
Dictates of 'the beast', which is =everyone= in the Middle East, and, from
there, all over the place, elsewhere.

it's not like i'm saying anything that i've not been saying all along, for

but i do understand the seemingly-offensive 'nature' of what i'm saying.

i mean no offense.

i mean just the opposite.

perhaps folks can understand that i've some experience with the effects of
'swimming-never-endingly against the current'.

knock a person [or a people] down, again, and again, and again, and the
person begins 'getting-up' defensively.

it's futile to 'see' the 'defensiveness' without simultaneously Seeing its
correlates in that which brings about the knocking-down.

i saw a report on the BBC last night. a woman was describing how death has
become preferable to life.

folks aren't born feeling that way.

folks're pushed in that direction.

'resolution' founded-in-Truth, which is Resolution that'll endure, doesn't
'move away from' such Recognition.

just 'rolls up its sleeves' and does what needs to be done.

it would've all been so much easier if "NDT's understanding" had been
communicated when it could've been communicated.

but how can understanding that's not been openly-communicated be invoked?

how can it enter into decision-making?

good grief!


if i discuss publicly, folks 'move away from'.

if i don't discuss publicly, how can the understanding be communicated?

where's the Decision, that Determines such, being made?

in the past, i've 'failed' in the same way that Mr. Arafat has 'failed'.

in my case, 'two', there were all sorts of 'contrived' dynamics, 'invisible'
to all but their 'contrivers' and me, that were calculated to
'knock-me-down'. [i've not saved it all, but i've saved enough of what's
correlated so that anyone who wants to See can See for themselves. the folks
who were doing such didn't, yet, understand the understanding.]

i always 'got-up', but, often did so 'fighting-mad', handing the 'powerful'
folks, who 'contrived', their sought-after 'goal'.

sometimes, it seems to me that i'm still being 'bled', and when my "blood's"
flowed, sufficiently [to others who want to 'possess' the understanding for
their own purposes], i'll be cast-aside in the same way that Mr. Arafat is
being 'cast-aside'.

it's the only way that my having shared so much True-Wonder Stuff, while
everyone else is doing 'twiddling-the-thumbs' impersonations makes sense.

why else would the larger body of understanding languish, uncommunicated?

"oh well."

i'll 'bleed' while i've 'blood' left.


k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>the necessary 'adjustment' to the content of the article is that, in the
>main,  the incorrect decision gained its existence in actions of 3rd
>Pparties, surrounding the President.

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