NEURON vs GENESIS - Opinions, please?

Christian Wilms cwilms at
Sat Jun 29 18:44:55 EST 2002

Matt Jones <jonesmat at> wrote:

> Haven't actually run any Genesis simulations yet, but have ordered the
> book and downloaded the binaries (precompiled for Mac OS X no less -
> how perfect is that?) and demos.

I would be very intrested in hearing how your first steps with Genesis
on MacOS X were. Does it run without requiring an X-server?

I just decided, that I woul prfer going with Neuron, because it runs on
more platforms and I like the "section"-concept for modelling neurons,
compared to directly modelling single compartments in Genesis (or did I
miss an important development here?). Does Genesis/MacOS X come with a
running version of GMODL?

thanks for any answers, Chris

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