it's not a Beta-amyloid thing

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Sat Jun 29 20:57:39 EST 2002

"John H." <John at overhere> wrote in message news:<AWnT8.1101$yY2.42786 at>...
> Make this prediction:
> A person under chronic personal stress working on a high cognitive load for
> many months, foregoing sleep, maintaining dietary restriction but not
> sufficient supplementation, relying on coffee too much and refuses to sleep
> until exhausted, has failing source and primary memory and is demonstrating
> increased attentional difficulties combined with increasing social isolation
> who spends one's days playing computer games rather than attending to the
> approx 250 pdfs to be read(hopeless, he'll never make it) and an urgent MSS
> re-submission. How will such behaviour impact on Nfkb-cox 2- pge2
> /transcription -synthesis in the hippocampus with respect to LTP, EAA, and
> the differential expression of iNos and nNos, assuming that nNos is
> requisite for LTP induction and maintenance while iNos has potentially
> deleterious consequences on cell viability. And just to make it interesting,
> see if you can invoke an explanation for the dopaminergic failure in the pfc
> and why this has attentional implications.
> Will the subject get the reading done and the MSS rewritten or will the
> editors tell him to piss off and what will be the state of his pfcs and
> hippocampus at the end of it all?

Oh maaannn. That is -so- spooky. 

But how did you know about  my computer game addiction?


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