CR vs Brain Cancer

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Kenneth Collins wrote:

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>>It would help if you defined "TD E/I-minimization".
> it's a long story. "TD E/I-minimization" is shorthand for "the minimizarion
> of the topologically-distributed [relative] ratios of excitation to
> inhibition. keying upon such allows nervous-system dynamics to be rigorously
> correlated rigorously ]'mapped'] with respect to correlates in the external
> environment, and simultaneously cross-correlated within the nervous system.
> the underpinning rationale for such derives in the
> physical-reality-permeating existence of the one-way flow of energy from
> order to disorder that is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
> i've been discussing this stuff online going back 14 years, and usually
> write for folks who've been following the discussion all along ['cringing'
> on behalf of others as i write. i've got an old hypertext doc that outlines
> the fundamentals, and which i send to folks who want it.. runs under
> Windows. about 354k. expands to about a meg. about 114 singled-spaced 8.5 x
> 11 pages @ 10pt.]

Ok, I get the general concept. However, as an ex-math professor I take exception 
to your use of the word "topologically". Topological refers purely to 
connectedness and all that can be said of humans is that they are topologically 
equivalent to three wholled donuts.


>>>there're loose-ends aplenty.
>>From my reading, I don't agree. There are very few of any likely
>>significance, IMO. The major one, IMO, is the fact that all animals

>>tested so far have rather
>>short lifespans and the mechanisms of the effect may already be so much
>>more optimized in a longer lived species such as humans, that CR will not
>>much additional longevity, even though it will still be a highly beneficial
>>anti-morbidity/mortality agent (ie. it will likely extend the years of
>>robust health of those practicing it except for the ones who would have

>>lived to a very old age anyway).
> from my perspective, it's just that i've not yet 'found the bottom', and
> want to 'campaign' on behalf of the work that remains to be accomplished.

Again to me, it is not clear what you mean by the above.

Are you saying that you think there is still plenty of longevity yet to be 
accomplished by life style changes currently available? And that is why you do 
not personally want to push for more (high tech) methods to become available?

--Tom Matthews

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