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As you also seem to suggest (at least implicitly):

When we become more clear about the ~psychology~ behind this question
(questioning), the answers will (I believe I know ;->) become *unsettlingly*
straightforward for a lot of people; but especially for people whose brand
of our phylogenetically fully blown "AEVASIVE adaptivity" is "rational
scientific and philosophical questioning for both its own sake and its
"CURSES" controlling/containing sake" SO EFFICIENT that they don't have any
(or very little) incling of (and readiness to accEPT) this most insidious
aspect of "What Is going on".


P.S. "SHITS  come CURSES" implies and represents in essence so off-putting a
proposition about (or pointer to) "What Is in reality going on", that it is
automatically more convenient to 'take excEPTion' to the obviously somewhat
corny surface of these concEPTs, than to allow oneself to become perilously
percEPTive of the thoroughly defined real-life dynamics that is thereby
pointed-out in an alternative (perhaps even complementary) way.

"SHITS" is an acronym (elsewhere much more thoroughly defined and explained)
for what could 'quasi conventionally' be expressed as: "any immediate
life-situational causes of from slow to fast trauma".

"CURSES" is an acronym that for approximately the same specific *by SHITS
conditioned in* brain states that are mostly only implicitly understood as
the *internal cause* of PTSD.

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