A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

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Tue May 14 17:28:51 EST 2002

On Mon, 13 May 2002 13:10:19 +0000 (UTC), "Rupert Pigott"
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> Of course not all kids who go to
>places like that are vicious self-centred spoilt brat psychopaths,
>just a high proportion of them.

Shit, did I miss that out? You are of course, more than right. The way
they do well in the world, too, is no surprise, and makes a mockery of
the whole idea of "democracy" and "opportunity".

We're being run like ever before, along a feudal system where the
Dukes and Barons buy their peerages with head of cattle (or, money),
then pass the privilege down to their loathsome little offspring,
living off and plumping up the family fortunes forever.

The various stock-market crashes, scams and scandals etc etc are also
not generally brought about by bright, hard-working people with a
basic human conscience.

Yeah, they were a lot of bullying, pig-ignorant, arrogant selfcentred
scum in my old school, actually. And so were the pupils! 

One gets a much better view of the world from a state school, tho
OTOH, it depends which world you're viewing.


if love is a drug, then, ideally, it's a healing, healthful drug... it's
kind of like prozac is supposed to work (without the sexual side
effects and long-term damage to the brain and psyche)

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