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From biological to computational model

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 17 21:23:24 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...


>The result, as I've discussed in this NG in the past, has been mass Murder
>on a scale that makes Hitler look like a choirboy.


Too severe?


The sorrowful thing is that the Murder will be a future thing. The sorrowful
thing is that it's getting locked-in, now, through inaction. There'll come a
'time' when folks'll 'regret', but it'll, then, be "two" late.

What is 'wrong' with understanding that nervous system function is automated
via 'blind' minimization of the topologically-distributed ratios of
excitation to inhibition?

What is 'wrong' in understanding that, because of such 'blindly'-automated
energy-consumption dynamics that which is merely experienced relatively
repetitively automatically comes to be correlated with relatively-minimal TD
E/I, and is, therefore, 'attractive, despite the fact that all it is is
stuff experienced relatively repetitively?

What's 'wrong' with opening folks' eyes to such?

What's 'wrong' with understanding that folks kill one another for no reason
more substantial than that they've 'blindly' fallen into 'love' with that
which has become merely familiar within their experience?

What's 'wrong' with understanding that each person's familiar stuff forms in
the same way?

What's 'wrong' with understanding the non-sense in killing folks just
because what's familiar to them is unfamiliar to 'you'?

What's 'wrong' with publishing a body of work that addresses all of this
stuff, in a rigorously-verified way?

Well, doing so does 'render useless' [AoK, Ap7 & 8] all the savagery that's
ravaged Humanity since the beginning.

What's 'wrong' with that?

Yes, that I broach this stuff to 'you', in your electronic-'presence', is

What would be extremely-harder, though, would be to 'move away from' [AoK,
Ap8] 'you, leaving 'you' as victims of the absence of understanding.

So, I choose the gentle-hardness of sharing Truth with 'you'.

That 'you' might See.

That those who'd do you harm might See.

That all might understand the 'blind'-automation that has ravaged Humanity,
which continues to ravage Humanity, and which will ravage Humanity until the
absence of understanding re. the 'blind'-automation, via TD
E/I-minimization, is eliminated.

Look past the 'hardness'.

See the Love.

[And if 'you' can't see the love, see the actuality of the need. Every
person who's ever been murdered has been murdered be-cause of
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended. There'll be
more of such until the 'blindness' is removed. Comprehend. See. Gain
freedom-of-action. Become all the dormant stuff that's been right-there,
within 'your' nervous system, all along.]

What's 'wrong' with that?

k. p. collins [ken]

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