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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Nov 2 12:27:41 EST 2002

In this msg, I'll address some 'loose ends' that were left in my
prior, recent, posts.

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Seems my spirit's 'given-up' on anything 'good' happening in my own
>experience. You know, like, "OK, Ken, come to our place and we'll
>hammer on NDT's stuff."
>'Giving-up' wasn't easy, but slowly, I learn with respect to such.

If anyone 'wonders', I'm not talking about giving-up on the work I
do - just on my hope of achieving anything like the 'normal' stuff
that I'd hoped to 'fit-in' after my work is 'finished'.

With respect to the work itself, I'm kind of like the Paul Newman
character in the "don't get up" scene of _Cool Hand Luke_ -
un-'afraid' of the possibility of ending-up the same  way, either.
'Afraid' only of not doing what needs to be done.

>Anyway, be-cause I Know the Quality of the stuff I've shared with
>folks, and because I Know the Intellectual-horsepower of the minds
>that are 'attracted' to work in Science [this 'attraction' is also
>explained in NDT :-], it's old-long-since [old lang syne] that it's
>been obvious to me that there has to be a Concerted effort
>standing-against a generalized coming-forward of NDT's stuff. Alot
>this takes the form of an 'unwitting' ['blindly'-automated] 'moving
>away from', but the 'heart'-breaking part of it is that which has
>been, and is being done, Knowingly - Macheavelanly [sp?] -
>twisted-'interpretation'-of-Darwin's-survival-of-the-fittest-ly -
>'we-are-powerful-ly' - let's-milk-this-for-all-it's-worth-ly - you
>know, all the '-lys' that correspond to mean-spirited Dictatorial
>stuff - the stuff that 'wins' bragging-rights within this or that
>'clandestant-hall' - the stuff that Lincoln held in such disdain
>he said, ~ "[...] the domineering spirit which says, 'You work, and
>I'll eat' [...]", as exemplified in Antoinette's, "Let them eat
>cake", and countless, less-renowned instances of the Same-Stuff, all
>of which reprise Lincoln's lament with respect to the "domineering
>spirit". All of which constitute the sucking of Life out of this
>person ot that, this group or that, by that person or this, that
>group or this.

The above can be taken as a 'picture' of 'the beast', Abstract
Ignorance, in action. 'Invisible', literally living within the flesh
of 'human' nervous systems, 'blindly' and automatically, via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, inducing nervous systems to
'grate-against each other, instead of inter-operate with respect to
the General-Good.

There's terrific Waste within such, which Waste derives, solely, in
the inter-personal 'disconnect' that has its substrate in
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, as it is discussed in AoK,
that occurs devoid of NDT's understanding.

If all that was entailed was abstract 'waste', that'd still be of
consequence, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as Consequential as the
prevailing 'state' of Generalized-Abstract-Ignorance because, in the
latter, which has been the lot of Humanity since the beginning, the
'waste' takes the form of 'blindly'-and-automatically-inflicted
Suffering that permeates Human interactive dynamics.

This occurs be-cause behavior, cognition, affect, and 'volition'
[including 'conscience'] occur as by-products of nervous system
function - so the all-encompassing Suffering follows as a
directly-coupled consequence of the Waste inherent in the
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization dynamics which govern nervous
systems' functioning.

It's not "just waste". It's Ravaging-Waste.

Defeating such - "sending it to Hell, where it belongs" - is what
NDT's understanding is all about - what NDT's understanding enables
nervous systems to accomplish.

As I've discussed in the past, there's no 'magic' in-it. All
'learning' takes the form of structural modifications within the
neural archichitecture of nervous systems, 'typically, via the
accumulation of many microscopic trophic ["growth"] modifications
which occur solely as a direct consequence of the neural activation
that actually occurs within a nervous system.

It's be-cause of this coupling of
nervous-system's-structural-modification and the activation that
actually occurs within nervous systems that, 'normally', a 'rigorous'
correlation is maintained between the energydynamics that occur
within the experiential external environment and the internal
experiential environment [the nervous system]. In a matter-of-fact
way, in the activation-driven modifications that occur within nervous
systems, a 'replica', Geometrically-ordered with respect to the
structural-mapping of the neural topology, of the experiential
external environment comes to literally exist within the flesh of a
nervous system.

Thereafter, neural activation that occurs within the nervous system
in-question occurs in a way that incorporates the the neural
modifications that were induced by the formerly-occurring neural
activation -the neural-activation-induced structural modifications
constitute "biological mass", which, within the nervous system
in-question, exert physical inertia that's exactly analogous to any
other form of physical inertia [it's exactly the same stuff as the
"inertia' to which Physicists refer, but it occurs in a way that's
elegantly-distributed within the neural topology, which makes it
exceedingly-'special' inertia - the stuff of 'consciousness', and
everything else that occurs within nervous systems, right down to the
least energydynamic of the DNA].

With respect to all of this, NDT's stuff occurs as a unique
experiential-external-environmental stuff because it correlates to
the internal functioning of nervous systems.

So... when one experiences NDT's stuff, the neural activation that
occurs within one's nervous system creates [literally] neural
modifications that incorporate 'knowledge' with respect to the way
nervous systems process information, and, thereby, modifying the way
that a nervous system that experiences NDT's stuff processes
information. NDT's stuff has become 'understanding' with respect to
the manner in which nervous systems process information.

In addition to there being nothing 'magic' in any of this, there's
nothing 'scary' in it, either. The seeming 'scariness' derives,
solely, in the fact that the dynamics being discussed are
relatively-unfamiliar [although, by now, at least for some who've
taken 'time' to read the prior discussions, they should be
old-long-since familiar stuff] The dynamics discussed above occur
matter-of-factly within nervous systems. It's what nervous systems
do. And, although the details of the neural functionality aren't,
'typically' 'known' to folks, the above is why we send our Children
to 'school', and is why sending our Children to 'school' does, in
fact ['typically'] imbue them with modified behavioral capacities. In
other words, we've always sent Children to 'school' to 'have their
nervous systems modified :-]

So there's nothing 'scary' in any of what's being discussed. It's
just that putting it all to work in a way that transcends
'blind'-automation is a relatively-unfamiliar premise.

But the 'rewards' are great because, when the manner in which nervous
systems process information is, itself, the stuff that drives the
creation of structural modifications within the neural topology, the
functioning of the neural topology is 'lifted-up' in a way that
enables it to transcend the 'dictatorial' nature of
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - which constitutes an actual
elimination of a real form of Blindness, enabling a nervous system to
=SEE= for the first time.

My unavoidable Responsibility to Humanity - the reason why I cannot,
and will not, 'give-up' on working to bring NDT's stuff forward -
derives in this one Significant end - that all people, everywhere,
might be "Free at last ! Free at Last! Great God Almighty! [...] Free
at last! {M. L. King] of the form of Blindness that has wreaked its
all-permeating havoc within Human interactive dynamics.

While there's Life in-me, it is Devoted to bringing this about.

>The Hope entailed Honors you, doesn't it?
>K. P. Collins

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