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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Nov 2 13:39:21 EST 2002

If it matters:

Stuff like my " 'uncaring' about 'spilling' [spelling]" is,
primarily, a "volitional diminishing-returns decision" [AoK, Ap7. I
=do= care, but if I were to stop and pick up a Dictionary in the
midst of 'plumbing the depths' of NDT's concepts, and simultaneously
'translating' into 'language'-interface stuff that has a chance of
communicating NDT's stuff, it'd 'interfere', or 'distract', too-much.

The realization that the resultant seeming 'recklessness' also
constitutes a form of novelty [albeit, an un-'flattering' one that
runs 'contrary' to 'normal' expectations], is a secondary thing. I
realized that it'd give the stuff of my posts a bit of
'lingering-on-ness' [at least for those who didn't 'bail-out'
too-soon. So I didn't 'worry' about it. If there's subsequent
opportunity for such, I'll endeavor to state things 'elegantly' for
the folks Folks who cherish 'elegance', and, so, have tended to
'bail-out' too soon. Of course, grammatical 'elegance' has it's
place, but not in the midst of Battle against 'the beast', which, for
me, has been a very-real, Life-Threatening  experience.

If folks 'wonder' why I don't just use a spell-checker, it's because
I keep my internet PC 'simple' which enables other stuff that's

On "grabbing TSEOTS": I learned this way from my Mother - 'school'
begins at-Home. She had seemingly-infinite Patience and Endurance,
and her way of getting things done was by 'just' taking all the
'hard' stuff to herself. [I 'skipped-over-this' in the prior post,
and just want to keep this striaght out of Love for her.]

In another msg, I referred to "anti-correlated British" research
[with respect to early learning], in a way that left the sense of it
ambiguous. The British research is anti-correlated to the American
research that was referred to in the BBC brodcast, and is correlated
to the position I've long-discussed online [and, of course, other
work done here in America which was not addressed in the BBC
broadcast. [If anyone 'wonders', yes, I did find the 'need' to
comment in the 'timing' inherent.]

In that same prior msg, I addressed the usefulness of adjusting the
rapidity of motions in Adult caring-for-infants' behavior - a degree
of 'slowness' optimizes things because the 'explosive-scope of
infants' learning means that giving this or that a slow 'time'-course
allows the infants' nervous systems to achieved enhanced,
'positively' ['moving toward']  TD E/I-minimization with specific
respect to it. This's a 'good' thing to achieve early-on because
it'll tend to exist in-there as strong-foundation ['trunk'] stuff
that'll serve the Child well over the course of her/his Life. Like
anything else, don't get carried away, though. Common experience
'demands' optimally-'timed' reactivity. It's just that, early-on,
Parents can teach Infants about 'Love' in this way. {Now that I think
about it, the same stuff, in small 'doses' works throughout Life.]
["Of course", due to the relative fragility of infants' bodies,
gentleness, is good too - it's all 'common-sensical. I'm just
explaining how and why stuff like this works works. Like everything
else deriving in NDT, the 'topic' goes-on-forever.]

In another msg, I wrote of ~'the solitude becoming "unbearable" '.
That's NQI [not quite it]. When I quit smoking, I experience an
augmented 'need' to not be so alone. And until NDT's stuff is
communicated, or I find 'normal' circumstances in which I can work,
that 'need' is a costly 'distraction. I 'drug'-myself, by smoking, to
'shut-it-off'. Of course I don't 'recommend' such to anyone. Smoking
Kills, and modifies one's personality. In my case, it's 'just' [as
I've explained before] that I became 'addicted', before I understood,
because my Father smoked, and I've never had the 'leisure' during
which to 'withdraw'. It's something I've had to 'live'-with for the
sake of not losing the 'time' to work.]

'weeping': I've realized, recently, that my common use of this term
might be misinterpreted. I use it to express the 'emotionality' of
Sorrow. In actuality, I'd like to 'have a good cry', but it just
doesn't happen anymore - got no more 'tears' to shed it seems. When I
use the term, I'm just trying to reach folks with a connotation of

In the prior msg, I wrote of the "-ly"s. It's some of the stuff with
respect to which I've 'anger'. It's 'Adults' who, 'typically' block
the coming forward of NDT's stuff, via  'the -lys', and I find that
'offensive' because the work was done on behalf of the Children. Yet,
it's been 'Adults' that've stood-in-its-way, even though, as in the
stuff of the Kuhn quote in AoK's "Short Paper" section, 'Adults' are,
'typically' 'set-in-their-ways'. It's particularly-'offensive'
because it smacks of a certain vague anti-'knowledge' which imposes
upon Children a forced-recreation of that which 'Adults'
dimly-'perceive' to have negatively-impacted their own experience.

Of course Science is done in the Adult-'world', and if NDT's stuff is
to come-forward, it can only be through the endeavors of Adults. Of
course NDT applies to Adult ervous systems, but Adult nervous systems
incorporate 'trunk' stuff that did not have access to NDT's stuff,
and that's imparted anti-NDT-stuff "bioligical mass", with its
correlated "behavioral inertia" within Adult nervous systems, The
work is on behalf of the Children - on behalf of the Future of
Humanity. It's been particularly-'offensive' to experience
'Adult'-'-lys' being thrown-up in the path of the coming-forward of
NDT's stuff.

I just needed to get that 'off my chest', a bit.


k. p. collins

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