Advice on combining neuroscience with filmmaking?

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Nov 2 14:17:15 EST 2002

Hi, Jack. Because the 'brain' directs behavior, Neuroscience impacts
everything Humans do.

A study of how 'brains' work, therefore, yeilds useful insights into
everything Humans do. With specific respect to film making [or any
other endeavor in Art], such understanding can be applied in ways
that richly vary. For instance, in character refinement, or
motivations within a story's plot, etc., all the way up to making the
Neuroscience, itself, the subject [although personal experience leads
me to expect that wouldn't yeild a 'blockbuster' hit :-]

My one suggestion is, if you follow your plan, keep it well-grounded
in fact, and steer clear of speculative 'sensationalism'. This,
because it's just too crucial that nervous system function be
accurately comprehended, because, further, as above, it's at the root
of all things Human.

Cheers, ken collins


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