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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sun Nov 3 00:08:55 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>In another msg, I wrote of ~'the solitude becoming "unbearable" '.
>That's NQI [not quite it]. When I quit smoking, I experience an
>augmented 'need' to not be so alone. And until NDT's stuff is
>communicated, or I find 'normal' circumstances in which I can work,
>that 'need' is a costly 'distraction. I 'drug'-myself, by smoking,

How about this:

I volunteer to undergo a scanning regime while I also quit smoking?

Has this sort of thing been done yet? The obvious goal is to
partially reverse-engineer the neural impact of smoking. I know
there're correlated structural mods, because I have attempted to
withdraw from my nicotine addiction before [made it 14 months once].
I've discussed the observable correlates in the past, and, further,
with folks who want to do the study, if anyone wants to.

'Course, in my case, the detailed scans might provide some
'additional' info - a few 'screws' loose :-]

Actually, my 'cognitive'-life has been pushed-so-hard, I expect that
there'll be observable correlates, and I'd like to study them.

Just think... there's a theory that 'grew' in-there :-]

Seriously, I'd like to explore the 'detailed' scans.

Why I'd do it is that it'd be a way fro me to go through withdrawal
without having to do it in solitude. Hey, might even find some
interest in hearing about NDT.

If you want to do it, you've got to provide room-and-board - nothing
fancy. A cot in a custodian's closet is all I need [in service of
Science :-] Hey, that's it. Hire me as a floor-mopper, and we can
schedule the scan-work so it fits-in with that.

Anyway, I do realize the 'absurdity' of my 'drugging myself', but
what's a fellow who wasn't meant to be alone, but who's had to be
alone, in order to do what's fallen to him to do, supposed to do?

What needs to be done.

ken [realizing that this is about as 'low' as I can go]


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