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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sun Nov 3 03:02:36 EST 2002

I'm sorry, if I've 'over-doe-it'.

There's a part of me that Agonizes with respect to the stuff of AoK's
Epilogue - that wants to sustain it as a worthy-light.

But, when I look around at all the senseless stuff that's going on in
the Lives of Innocents, there's a 'fire' in-there that's burning
ever-more-brightly, beckoning me to just go to the prevailing
'recalcitrance' and 'ream-it'out', a bit.


My Brothers came to my rescue. They're also paying the utilities
while I stay on in my Father's home, hoping to 'break-through'.

I cannot expect them to do such for much longer. It's already into
the 7th month of their carrying me.

I've been eating stuff that my Father had stocked up years ago. Found
some stuff that's at least 20 years old. I'm holding-off on that. Get
a burger every once in a while. One of my neighbors is giving me food
every now and then.

I'm just trying to be 'decent', even as I 'push', a bit, in the Hope
of gaining an opportunity to discuss NDT's stuff with folks in-person
[which is what my 14 years of online endeavors are pointing-to as
being necessary.]

Because of folks' comings-and-goings, it's just not practical to
discuss NDT's stuff in-depth online. I've only been able to reiterate
the theory's most-basic stuff - ad nauseum. And the more I do such,
the more I become aware of my own 'offensiveness'.

So I seek that 'quiet' place where there're are some folks who Love

I Apologize to you and everyone else. It's just that the 'fire'
becomes great-within-me these days.


John H. wrote in message ...
>Excellent stuff Ken. Thanks. I now have more than enough info for
>PS: I thought you were off hoboing?
>John H.

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