True Predictions

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Sun Nov 3 08:43:36 EST 2002

"Omar Bohsali" <omarbohsali at> wrote in message news:<apsqoa$8at$1 at>...
> Hello,
>     There have been many occurences in which I made a prediction that would
> come true in a conversation. For example, I would ask a friend what his test
> score was. I suddenly get a thought that it is an 84, and that ends up being
> his answer. Another time, I was having a conversation with a brother, and we
> were predicting somebody's age. I made a low guess, and then I knew that he
> would say that I was off by at least 20 years, which was exactly what he
> said. There have been many other times where something of this sort
> happened, but not only with numbers. Does anybody have knowledge with this
> sort of thing, and how it is caused?

how many times did you get it wrong?

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