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>How much longer must a man 'shout' to folks, "Mountain of gold!
>Mountain of gold!", before folks'll gather their 'picks' and
>'shovels' and 'go to the mountain'?

'Course, part of the 'problem' has been that some've seen the
"Mountain og gold!, and've put such before others' Suffering - before
the needs of the Children, and other Innocents.

And the compounding of such is that folks're 'prevented' from just
doing what needs to be done - allow the communication of the
understanding - because they 'think' that, somehow, they'll

All I can do is ask them to post a copy of AoK's Epilogue. It's
in-there for everyone, but it's in-there especially for folks who
'think' that, somehow, they'll 'get-trashed'.

It's what I'm talking about when I say stuff like, "It doesn't matter
what anyone else does. I'll do the same thing, anyway."

The one thing is what NDT's understanding is all about.

Why would anyone, having acquired the understanding, go against the
one thing that the understanding is all about?

'Course, part of the 'problem' is that some've 'decided' that the
thing to do with the understanding is 'take-advantage' of those who
acquire the understanding.

Won't happen.

I'll explain why if anyone's interested, but it's a 'Difficult'

'Course, part of the 'problem' is that some're 'worried' about not
being able to 'take-advantage', regardless.

They 'see' such as a 'step-down'... but all they 'see' is that which
they've always 'seen' - 'blindly'-automated stuff.


'Course, part of the 'problem' is that I've got to address this sort
of stuff right in the light-of-day.

No way around that, is there?

Can't anyone See that all I'm doing is discussing the dynamics, not
people [well... for the most-part. There have been Emergencies.]

k. p. collins


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