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>During 'normal' developmental-mapping, whole-nervous-system TD
>E/I-minimization governs the 'normal' wiring-up of the CFs. More

Even in development?


It's 'just' more TD E/I-minimization-governed-activation-dependent-

Work to get this stuff straight - lack of comprehension of this one
thing [which has been in AoK, Ap9, all along] it's the fundamental
Error inherent in the traditional 'molecular' approach to

The easiest way to begin comprehending this one thing is that, if
there were anything that was not TD
E/I-minimization-governed-activation-dependent, then that stuff might
as well be 'rocks'-in-there, because it'd be totally-disconnected
from environmental influence - all it'd be is 'excess-baggage' stuff,
the very 'existence' of such would constitute a commensurate
inefficiency within the nervous system.

=All= of the neurochemistry - 100% - is TD E/I-minimization-governed-
activation-dependent. IT's TD E/I-minimization that couples the
energydynamics of the molecular stuff, right down to the least
energydynamic of the DNA, to the energydynamics of the external
experiential environment.

So, the molecular stuff is 'meaningless' if its coupling to the whole
nervous system [and the external experiential environment, but 'walk'
before trying to 'run' :-] is 'disregarded'

Yes, one can do experiments upon artificially-'isolated' molecular
stuff, but such experiments only yeild results that're 'abstract'
with respect to how the same stuff works when it's
rigorously-embedded within an instance of the organically-intact
neural topology.

Furthermore, the molecular stuff is functionally-multiplexed in a TD
E/I- minimization-governed-activation-dependent way - right down into
the DNA [see long-former discussions of "standing-wave 'genetics" in
this NG and other online 'places'].

This fundamental Error in the traditional molecular approach to
Neuroscience is, BTW, an instance of 'bandwagon' stuff that exists in
a way that is, itself, entirely-dependent upon
external-experiential-environments' driving of TD E/I-minimization
within the neural architecture :-]

It's the "coersed-consensus" stuff that I discussed in posts earlier
this summer, and that's pretty much all it is, relative to what
actually goes on within nervous systems - going-down-a-dead-end
be-cause of academic-force exerted by professors who were, themselves
subjected to academic--force exerted upon them when they were
students, ad infinitum back in 'time'.

It's all just a groupwise-instance of what the "Thought for Today"
folks published this day [Monday, 2002-11-04] " 'The line of least
resistance was always the most difficult line in the long run.' -
Peter Cheyney, English author (1896-1951)"  © by them.

Go to grad school, absorb what's there, regurgitate it thereafter.
'For heaven's sake, don't think!' :-]

Forgive me, please, if my 'sense of humor' grates. It's just
somehting that's in what's fallen to me to do. I was forced, by this
'bandwagon' stuff, to choose between continuing my work and the hope
of remaining in grad school.

Ya know? That's just more of Kuhn's lament [quoted in AoK's "Short
Paper" section - 100% Prejudice, 0% Science.

But, it does 'gain' one 'membership-in-the-club', so, at least, one
can pay one's bills, own a home, have a Family, be 'loved'.

It shouldn't be the case that one 'must' forgo all such in order to
actually do Science.

But that's the way thing've been.

'The beast', Abstract Ignorance, in-there, Dictating what 'science

Yet, when I fight-through to rescue 'you' from 'the beast', 'you'
'move away from' Truth. ["If we pretend he's not there, he'll tire
(or starve to death, or something). For heaven's sake, don't talk to
him!" :-]

Wake up!

Open your 'eyes'!

For it's 'your' 'eyes-Seeing' upon which Humanity waits, Suffering
the Same-Stuff that 'the beast' Dictated to 'you', only in
Savagely-more-Terrible ways.

K. P. Collins


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