Backward propagation

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Mon Nov 4 12:19:15 EST 2002

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>The neurochemistry is 'fancier' because it's
>functionally-multiplexed, but it's in-ther at the service of TD
>E/I-minimization because the whole problem is one of
>rigorously-cross-correlating the internal energydynamics with the
>external energydynamics, and the =only= thing that maps such is
>whole-nervous-system TD E/I-minimization.
>Go ahead and search for something else that can accomplish this
>mapping. You'll find =nothing=.

Oh, you will find 'synonomous' stuff - stuff that just restates "TD
E/I-minimization" [see AoK, Ap4].

But the 'synonomous' stuff will just be "TD E/I-minimization", sent
through this or that 'language'-interface stuff [see AoK, Ap1].

K. P. Collins


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