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>Example of analogous stuff: Front wheels out-of-line on your car.
>Your tires wear unevenly. Here, the analog of TD E/I-minimization is
>what's been referred to as 'gravity'. 'gravity' exerts it's
>force, but since a portion of the overall structure [say a tie rod]
>is in an 'abnormal state', the observables [the uneven tire wear]
>commensurately out-of-whack.
>Nervous system stuff is exactly analogous to such mechanical stuff
>be-cause TD E/I-minimization is in-there as 'gravity' is in-there in
>the mechanical case.

In case anyone 'wonders': No, I'm not giving short-shrift to the
so-called "four forces".

I'm not saying that "TD E/I-minimization" is what's been referred to
as "gravity".

The example was selected [as in AoK, Ap10], only to convey a sense
for an all-[nervous]-system-permeating energydynamic.

=Of course=, within nervous systems, the all-permeating-ness of TD
E/I-minimization conforms, rigorously, to the neural topology [just
as what's been referred to as "gravity" conforms to the distribution
of 'matter' in 'space'.

The concept is =Huge=. If 'you' don't get it, it's not because I've
not asked to come and give it to 'you', is it"


k. p. collins


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